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When it comes to the world of professional sports, it is not uncommon for athletes to have a special someone by their side. In the case of CeeDee Lamb girlfriend, the talented wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys, that someone is Crymson Rose. While she may not be a household name like her famous boyfriend, Crymson is a rising star in her own right. 

Let’s take a closer look at Crymson Rose’s biography, her background, her relationship with CeeDee Lamb, and her own personal journey. 

Crymson Rose posing for photoshoot
Crymson Rose posing for a photoshoot

CeeDee Lamb Girlfriend Biography

Ceedee Lamb girlfriend’s Name: Crymson Rose
Nickname: Crymson
Gеndеr: Fеmalе 
Sexuality:  Straight
Date of Birth:March 30, 1999
Crymson Rose Age: 24
Birthplacе: Florida, USA
Crymson Rose Mother: Lori Love
Crymson Rose Father: Michael Rose
Sibling: 1
Crymson Rose Brother: Damon Rose.
Crymson Rose Sister: No
Crymson Rose Education (School) : Norman North High School
University Enroll:University of Oklahoma
Degree: Graduation
Career: Modeling
Marital status: Unmarried
Crymson Rose Relationship: Antonio
Crymson Rose Ex-Boyfriend: Trae Young, Ceedee Lamb 
Kids: None
Relationship Status: Dating
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Ethnicity: Multiracial
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Hair Color:Dark Brown
Height: 5’8”
Weight: 61 Kg
Tattoo: None
Crymson Rose Figure: 36-24-34
Ceedee Lamb girlfriend Religion: Christianity
Favorite Food:  Italian
Favorite Color: Black
Favorite Destination:N/A
Food Habits: Veg/Non Veg.
Hobby: Travel, Music, Reading, Modeling, Photography
Profession: Modeling, Advertisement Influencer
Achievement: Figure in the Fashion & Entertainment
Crymson Rose Current Address: Norman, Oklahoma, USA
Crymson Rose Nationality: American
Popular Search: Ceedee Lamb girlfriend 
Social Media: Active

How did Ceedee Lamb meet Crymson Rose?

While playing at the University of Oklahoma as a role of athlete and that time they both became friends. Rose is a multi-sport athlete and she also has experience in basketball and track & field. She is also an entrepreneur as well as an influencer.

CeeDee Lamb and crymson rose cute memories
CeeDee Lamb and Crymson rose cute memories

Lamb and Rose have been dating for a while, and they are very supportive of one another’s professional goals. Rose has been seen cheering on Lamb from the sidelines at Cowboys games. In 2020, Rose went viral after she grabbed Lamb’s phone during the NFL Draft. Lamb later explained that Rose was just trying to answer a FaceTime call from his agent.

Being a private couple, Lamb and Rose do not share many personal details about their union on social media. They appear to be extremely happy together, though and have been seen together on several occasions.

Crymson Rose’s Early Life

Crymson Rose age 24 was born on March 30, 1999, in Oklahoma, United States. Growing up, Crymson had a close-knit family, consisting of her mother, Lori Love, and her brother, Damon Rose. 

Crymson childhood pic
Crymson childhood pic

Unfortunately, tragedy struck when Crymson’s father, Michael Rose, passed away in 2005. Apart from this heartbreaking loss, Crymson has fond memories of her father and cherishes the time they had together.

Crymson Rose Education

Crymson performed academically and socially while attending Norman North High School, a coeducational institution in Oklahoma. 

Crymson continued her study at the University of Oklahoma after finishing high school. She is currently on schedule to graduate, showing her dedication to her study.

Crymson Rose Career & Profession

Crymson Rose is not just known for her relationship with CeeDee Lamb. She is an individual with her own dreams, goals, and aspirations. 

Crymson is actively pursuing her graduation at the University of Oklahoma, proving her full dedication to her education. Her commitment to personal growth and development showcases her determination to carve out her own path in life.

Crymson Rose’s Net Worth and Lifestyle

The interesting value of $150,000 in Crymson Rose’s net worth is impressive. Her dedication to her goals and hard work has led to her financial success. This net worth includes all of her earnings from her work, investments, and any other businesses she has started that have generated money. It is proof of her steadily increasing success and financial security.

Crymson Rose wearing hot red dress
Crymson Rose wearing a hot red dress

It is proof that she enjoys a comfortable lifestyle. As the girlfriend of a successful NFL player, Crymson has access to a world of luxury and opportunity. She remains grounded and focused on her own personal growth and achievements, proving that she is not defined solely by her relationship with CeeDee Lamb.

Crymson Rose Achievements

Crymson earns money in a variety of ways, although she relies heavily on her modeling job. Her stunning appearance and attractiveness have made her a sought-after figure in the fashion and entertainment industries. She also increases her income by endorsing brands and using her influence to market various goods and services. 

Stunning Crymson Rose posing on lift
Stunning Crymson Rose posing on the lift

Her diverse and entrepreneurial approach to securing her livelihood is demonstrated by the inclusion of revenues from advertising initiatives and a variety of other revenue streams in her financial portfolio.

Crymson Rose Social Media 

Crymson wearing a beautiful green dress
Crymson wearing a beautiful green dress
Ceedee Lamb girlfriend Instagram:@crymsonrose
Ceedee Lamb girlfriend Twitter:@Crymson_Rose
Ceedee Lamb girlfriend Youtube:@crymsonrose1

The social media sphere has seen success for Crymson Rose as well. She has a 31.4k+ Instagram following and has captured her audience with her interesting content and gorgeous photographs. 

Crymson Rose’s Instagram account is a reflection of her vibrant personality, showcasing her love for fashion, travel, and the occasional glimpse into her personal life.

Crymson Rose’s Physical appearance

Crymson has a balanced athletic body type, as shown by her dimensions of 36-24-36. Her dedication to leading an active and healthy lifestyle, which is frequently correlated with her diverse talents and interests, is reflected in her balanced physique.

Crymson Rose in bikini
Crymson Rose in a bikini

Crymson Rose Height

Crymson Rose is a striking young lady with a captivating aura. She stands at a height of 5 feet and 8 inches (173 centimeters), which gives her an elegant and statuesque appearance.

With her lovely dark brown hair and catchy black eyes, Crymson possesses a natural beauty that shines both in front of the camera and everyday life.

Crymson Rose Weight

Crymson Rose is a symbol of a slender physique, her weight at 117 pounds (61 kilograms), which beautifully complements her overall look and makes her stand out, in any gathering.

Crymson Rose Religion

Rose is a dedicated Christian who values her faith. Her Christian values and beliefs have an impact on her behavior, decisions, and interactions with other people. Her religious convictions give her comfort and guidance, and they regularly affect the way she thinks about the world, ethics, and morality. 

Her constant commitment to her faith is both a deeply personal aspect of her life and a source of inspiration that gives her the courage and stamina to handle the ups and downs of life.

Crymson Rose Ethnicity

Rose passionately identifies as African-American, and she deeply values her diverse cultural heritage. She has a strong connection to the rich culture, history, and customs of the African-American community. 

Crymson Rose stunning photo
Crymson Rose stunning photo

Her ethnic origin has had a big impact on her attitudes, worldview, and interactions with her family, friends, and the outside world. It gives her a sense of pride and serves as a reminder of the strength and success of her ancestors, who continue to inspire her in her own life.

Ceedee Lamb GF Still Together?

In the competitive world of professional sports, having a supportive partner can make all the difference. Crymson Rose has proven to be an unwavering pillar of support for CeeDee Lamb throughout his journey. She stands by his side, providing love, encouragement, and understanding during both the triumphs and challenges they face together.

Not only does Crymson support CeeDee on the field, but she also supports him off the field. She is a trustworthy confidante, ensuring that his secrets remain safe and offering a listening ear when he needs to vent or seek advice. Her loyalty and genuine care for CeeDee have strengthened their bond, creating a foundation built on trust and mutual respect.

But, it is important to keep in mind that relationships can be dynamic, and as this piece was being written, we recently learned of a critical update. Crymson Rose and CeeDee Lamb have decided to part ways as of 2024. 

As per the latest update, CeeDee Lamb ex-girlfriend Crymson Rose has moved on and is now involved with an athlete named Antonio in a new relationship. Fans of CeeDee Lamb may have enjoyed the couple’s relationship, but we wish Crymson and CeeDee the best on each of their own journeys.

Ceedee Lamb Girlfriend Facts

  • Crymson holds her father’s memory close to her heart and cherishes the time they had together.
  • She has a special bond with her brother, Damon Rose, and they have supported each other through thick and thin.
  • Crymson relationship with CeeDee Lamb has gained attention, and they have become a popular couple, both on and off social media.
  • During her school days, Crymson was an avid basketball player, displaying her passion for the sport on and off the court.
  • Crymson shares an exceptionally close bond with her mother, affectionately known as “Lori Love,” who frequently takes to social media to lovingly share updates and posts dedicated to her cherished daughter.
  • Crymson’s zodiac sign is Aries, known for its dynamic and enthusiastic personality.

Ceedee Lamb Girlfriend Journey

Crymson Rose is more than just CeeDee Lamb’s girlfriend. She is a woman of substance, pursuing her education and supporting her partner’s dreams. Crymson’s strength, beauty, and support make her an inspiring figure. 

CeeDee lamb and Crymson walking in streets
CeeDee Lamb and Crymson walking in the streets

As she continues to carve her path in life, we can expect great things from Crymson Rose. Whether she is cheering on CeeDee from the sidelines or pursuing her own goals, her presence is undoubtedly a driving force in both their lives.

Q. Who is CeeDee Lamb’s GF?

Ans: Crymson Rose was CeeDee Lamb’s girlfriend as of the most recent update, yet one has to remember that they have since broken up. With an athlete named Antonio, Crymson Rose has started a new romantic relationship.

Q. Who is Crymson Rose?

Ans: The outstanding wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys, CeeDee Lamb Ex-Girlfriend, dated Crymson Rose. She was seen as a key person in his life and a rising celebrity in her own right.

Q. What is the latest update on CeeDee Lamb relationship?

Ans: CeeDee Lamb and Crymson Rose have officially chosen to part ways as of 2023. They are no longer involved romantically.

Q. Is there any information on Crymson Rose’s new relationship?

Ans: Yes, Crymson Rose has moved on and is currently seeing Antonio, an athlete. It is commonly known that Antonio specializes in athletics.

Q. What is the current status of CeeDee Lamb’s personal life following the breakup?

Ans: CeeDee Lamb’s personal life has not been extensively discussed as of the most recent update. In the wake of the separation, he might decide, like many public individuals, to keep his personal life private.

Q. Did CeeDee Lamb get in trouble?

Ans: Yes, Leaf Trading Cards is now suing CeeDee Lamb for allegedly breaching a trading card contract. Dallas-based Leaf Trading Cards alleges Lamb promised to sign a set of cards featuring his image but failed to do so.

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