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Celebrity Fans are always curious about their idols, they show interest in their personal lives. Fans are always ready to know what happens to their favorite sportsperson’s life. In the long list of queries, we have the one that is Who is Earl Thomas wife?

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Nina Heisser, the beautiful ex-wife of Earl Thomas, exploring her background and her accomplishments.

Who is Earl Thomas wife, Nina Heisser?

Nina Heisser
Nina Heisser

Nina Heisser is a fashion designer and the ex-wife of former NFL player Earl Thomas. She is widely popular as the ex-wife of football safety Earl Thomas.

Nina started her career as a fashion model and established herself as a successful businesswoman. Now she owns a Clothing brand named “Captivate”.  

Nina Heisser is a successful self-dependent woman. She has achieved a lot in her career. She proves her worth as a successful entrepreneur by running a successful clothing brand. Nina describes herself as a fashionable woman with refined taste.

How did Earl Thomas and Nina Heisser Meet?

Nina Heisser and Earl Thomas’s love story started at West Orange-Stark High School. They are high school sweethearts and dated for a very long time. Both attended the same high school and first met during a Spanish class.

The ex-couple had the same group of friends and spent lots of time together. Initially, they become friends and later their friendship develops into a romantic relationship. Gradually, they started to like each other and turned into a lovely couple.

Earl Thomas Purposing Nina Heisser
Earl Thomas Purposing Nina Heisser

During their college days, they spent a lot of quality time together and always supported each other through the ups and downs.

Nina has always been a supportive partner to Earl Thomas. In 2015 during a college event, Thomas proposed to Nina and she happily accepted it. They both married after a year and their elder daughter was the flower girl on the wedding day.

Earl Thomas and Nina Heisser’s Marriage

The couple Nina and Earl dated each other for several years. Later Thomas proposed to Nina during the Annual Youth Football Camp Event, And she accepted the proposal.

After a year of engagement, they decided to get married and start a new life together. They finally got married on April 16, 2016. The marriage took place in a private ceremony surrounded by close friends and family members.

Earl Thomas and Nina Heisser Marriage
Earl Thomas and Nina Heisser’s Marriage

The couple exchanged their vows and started this beautiful journey together. Their wedding was a beautiful event, with only family and close friends in attendance. Since then, Earl and Nina have enjoyed a happy married life. 

But the marriage didn’t last long and in 2020 due to some complications, they parted ways. Nina Filed for divorce as she claimed

What happened between Earl Thomas and his wife?

Seattle Seahawks and Baltimore Ravens former safety Earl Thomas was involved in a big heated controversy with his ex-wife Nina Heisser.

A video clip went viral of their fighting as he was caught cheating by his then-wife Nina Heisser.

As per, “The cop’s body cam shows how he was holding a gun to her while she had a knife with her outside of the location where he was with more men and women.”

According to reports, Nina Thomas used her phone to track her ex-husband’s location through some apps and ended up at the place where her husband and other men and women were having sexual activities.

Nina Heisser controversy and divorce

On April 12, Nina had an argument with her ex-husband Earl Thomas about his drinking habits. After the feud, Thomas calls his brother Seth to pick him up.

On a later day, Nina was arrested for pointing a gun at her husband Earl Thomas when she found him with another woman on Brushy Street in East Austin, at a rental house.

Nina Heisser Controversy
Nina Heisser Controversy

As per reports, Nina caught her husband Earl Thomas and his brother sleeping with two other women. She was frustrated and in anger, she pointed a 9mm Baretta to his husband. She was also following Thomas with a knife in the parking lot, and Thomas had a loaded gun in his hand. Reports said the situation went out of control.

Later, Police arrived at the scene and Nina was arrested, and later taken into custody. The shocking news went viral immediately. Later, the longtime couple finally divorced.

Earl Thomas and Nina Heisser’s Children

After the wedding, Nina and Earn decided to start a lovely family. Nina Heisser and Earl Thomas shared a beautiful and loving family.

The former couple is blessed with three children. They have a son named Vee Thomas and two daughters named Kaleigh Thomas and Kamila Thomas.

Nina Heisser shares three lovely children with Earn Thomas, the elder daughter who was born even before their marriage.

Nina Heisser children
Nina Heisser children

She gave birth to her first child Kaleigh on September 24, 2012, who was also the flower girl at their wedding.

She welcomed her second child a daughter Kamila on November 21, 2017. On December 16, 2018, she gave birth to her only son Vee. 

The proud mother of three always takes care of her children. On May 10, 2020, on the occasion of Mother’s Day, she posted a photo showing love to her children on Instagram with a beautiful caption, “m blessed 3x Love being their mama, Happy Mother’s Day”

Earl Thomas wife: Nina Heisser Family 

Earl Thomas wife Nina Heisser was born on October 9, 1989, in Orange. She was raised in a Christian family. She grew up in New Orleans with her parents, father Troy Heisser, and mother Annita Baham.

Nina enjoyed a wonderful childhood alongside her siblings Kayla and Ryan, both are very supportive and reason for bringing excitement to her life.

She can’t imagine her life without her siblings. Nina’s parents have always been very supportive in every situation of her life and try to live in a healthy well-organized family. 

Nina Heisser education

Nina received her early education in her hometown. She attended West Orange-Stark High School for primary education.

Later she moved to Bellevue Community College in Washington where she completed her bachelor’s degree in 2014.

Nina Heisser doesn’t share too many details about her educational background.

Nina Heisser career

Earl Thomas ex-wife Nina Heisser initially started her career as a regular model. Later she pursued her career in the business world.

As of now, Nina is a successful businesswoman. She has quite an interest in fashion design. Now she is the owner of a clothing brand “CAPTIVATE” in partnership with “Charity Washington”.

Earl Thomas wife Nina Heisser
Earl Thomas wife Nina Heisser

They made an Instagram page for the clothing brand @ishopcaptivate. The page has currently approximately 20k followers. They keep updating the page by introducing their new product through various models.

Earl Thomas wife: Nina Heisser Net Worth

As a businesswoman, Nina has earned a huge amount of money. Her luxurious lifestyle expresses how much money she generated through her business. She also generates extra income through brand dealing.

How rich is Nina Heisser? As of 2023, Earl Thomas wife Nina Heisser net worth is around $8 to $12 million.

However, through her business, Nina may have earned a significant amount of money over time. But, specific details about her assets and properties are publically not available.

Nina Heisser Social media 

Being a well-known social media influencer and a successful businesswoman, Earl Thomas wife Nina Heisser has a large fan base on social media.

Currently, Nina Heisser has 33.5k+ Instagram followers on username @msninathomas. Nina regularly posts her life updates on her account. She keeps updating her fans by posting new amazing photos.

Additionally, she leveled her Instagram account as an “Artist”.

Nina Heisser’s body measurement 

Texax-born Nina Heisser is now 34 years old. She has a height of 5 feet 6 inches and weighs around 60 kg. She doesn’t share her body measurements.

Nina Heisser smiling
Nina Heisser smiling

Nina Heisser is of black ethnicity and belongs to the black American community. She has a great body with beautiful brown eyes. Her shiny long black hair adds extra beauty to her appearance.

Some Amazing facts about Nina Heisser

  • Nina Thomas and Earl Thomas were a highschool sweethearts and dated for a very long time.
  • Nina Heisser is a self-independent woman and successfully runs a clothing brand company “Captivate.”
  • Nina Heisser got married to NFL star Earl Thomas in April 2016.
  • As per reports, Nina Heisser caught her ex-husband Earl cheating with another woman and they were involved in a big fight.
  • Nina was later arrested for pointing a gun at his then-husband Earl.
  • Later, the lovely couple got divorced in 2020.

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FAQs Regarding Earl Thomas’ Wife

Q. Who is Earl Thomas wife?

Ans: NFL free safety Earl Thomas married to Nina Heisser. Later Thomas cheated on Nina with another woman. The Ex-couple parted ways in 2020.

Q. How many children does Earl Thomas have?

Ans: Earl Thomas shares three children with his ex-wife. Two daughters Kaleigh and Kamila Thomas and a son named Vee Thomas.

Q. What is Nina Thomas’ net worth?

Ans: Earl Thomas’ ex-wife Nina Thomas is a businesswoman. She makes lots of money through her business. Nina Thomas’ net worth is around $8 to $12 million.

Q. Who is Earl Thomas’ brother?

Ans: Earl Thomas has a brother named Seth Thomas.

Q. What is Earl Thomas’ net worth?

Ans: Former NFL free safety Earl Thomas’ net worth is reportedly around $25 to $30 million.

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