Fans React to Ex-Girlfriend’s Viral TV Interview about Travis Kelce

The tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, Travis Kelce, is attracting attention for his public relationship with Grammy-winning musician Taylor Swift rather than for his play on the football field. Both the sports and pop culture sectors have been shocked by the announcement of their union.

Travis Kelce

Following Swift’s recent attendance at a Chiefs game, which attracted attention on a global scale; there are rumors that she will also be at this week’s game. Still, despite all the enthusiasm, Kelce is currently the subject of some unfavourable attention as a result of a viral interview with one of his ex-girlfriends.

Fan Reactions to Maya Benberry’s Candid Interview

In an interview with Inside Edition, Maya Benberry, who dated Kelce in 2016, called Kelce a narcissist who she felt had “betrayed” her. Fans have responded to her claims right away.

Some viewers immediately thought of Benberry’s cameo on Kelce’s short-lived reality series. This is so terrible, a fan said, “They basically told Travis who to pick to keep it airing and funny for the audience after he came out and said he wanted to dip on day 2 of filming.”

Torrey Smith, a former wide receiver in the NFL, added, “Y’all need to stop paying attention to people like him. Not even the most recent girlfriend was she.

Benberry’s decision to take part in a sit-down interview was questioned by another fan, who said, “Not her denying that she’s the bitter ex-GF as if she’s not doing a full SIT DOWN interview with the news talking about and bashing a man she dated 7 years ago and his new GF AND her fans.”

A life coach who is fixated on an eight-month relationship that is nearly two decades old and was the result of a reality show, as one fan hilariously pointed out, “OK lol.”

Kelce, Swift, and Fans Leave the Past Behind

Benberry seems to be stuck in the past, whereas Travis Kelce, his followers, and even Taylor Swift’s fans appear to be ready to move on. Fans are excitedly awaiting Kelce and Swift’s upcoming public appearance as the spotlight on their love continues to shine brightly. Regarding Maya Benberry, it seems that some of her admirers have no idea as to why she would revisit an old affair in such a public manner.

Overall, Maya Benberry’s interview served as a brief distraction from the buzz surrounding Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift. The bulk of fans are obviously more interested in the present and future, where Kelce’s job and his relationship with Swift take center stage, even though others may find her statements intriguing.

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift will probably continue to generate headlines as the tale develops, both for their successful careers and their public relationship. As fans and the media concentrate on the present and what lies ahead for this dynamic couple, Maya Benberry’s interview may get lost in the background.

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