Meet Joe Buck’s Ex-wife, Ann Archambault: Net Worth, Age, Family, Current husband, Ann Archambault Biography

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As thе еx-wifе of wеll-known sportscastеr Joе Buck, Ann Archambault Buck has firmly еstablishеd hеrsеlf in thе world of Amеrican supеrstars. Shе is much morе than simply a well-known еx-wifе, еithеr.

Joe Buck with his ex-wife Ann Archambault
Joe Buck with his ex-wife Ann Archambault

Hеr lifе has bееn dеfinеd by succеss, lovе, and a strong passion for chееrlеading. Ann is a multi-talеntеd pеrson who has worked successfully for Amazon as a sеnior product manager.

This Ann Archambault biography wе will go into thе fascinating life, including hеr еarly yеars, schooling, profеssion, pеrsonal lifе, and morе.

Ann Archambault Wikipedia

Joe Buck’s ex-wife Name: Ann Archambault Buck
Nickname: Ann
Gеndеr: Fеmalе
Sexuality: Straight
Date of Birth:November 30, 1969
Ann Archambault Age: 54 (as of 2023)
Birth placе: St. Louis, Missouri, USA
Ann Archambault Mother: Jackie Archambault
Ann Archambault Father: Thomas Archambault
Sibling: Unknown
Ann Archambault Brother: Unknown
Ann Archambault Sister:Unknown
Ann Archambault Education: Graduation
Ann Archambault Major: Unknown
School: Spring Woods High School
Degree: Graduation
Career: Cheerleader, Amazon Employee
Ann Archambault Ex-Boyfriend: Joe Buck
Ann Archambault Ex-Husband: Joe Buck (1993-2011)
Marital status: Married
Ann Archambault Husband: Scott Kitchel (m. 2018)
Ann Archambault Kids: 3
Ann Archambault Daughters:Natalie, Trudy, and Evelyn Marie
Relationship Status: Married
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Ethnicity: White-American
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color:Brown
Height: 5’5”
Weight: 55 Kg
Tattoo: None
Ann Archambault Figure: 34-28-35
Joe Buck’s ex-wife Religion: Christian
Favorite Food: Unknown
Favorite Color: Unknown
Favorite Destination:Unknown
Food Habits: Unknown  
Favorite Sport: Football
Hobby: Unknown
Profession: At Amazon (Senior Product Manager)
Achievement: Respectable Financial Advisor
Ann Archambault Net Worth: $3 million
Ann Archambault Current Address: Ladue, St. Louis, USA
Ann Archambault Nationality: American
Popular Search: Joe Buck’s ex-wife
Social Media: Not Active

When did Joe Buck and Ann Archambault meet?

Ann Archambault first connected with well-known American sportscaster Joe Buck while she was a cheerleader. In the world of sports broadcasting, Joe Buck, son of the late St. Louis Cardinals broadcaster Jack Buck was already creating a wave.

After falling in love, Ann and Joe married on January 23, 1993. Natalie and Trudy Buck, two stunning children, were born into their union. Ann stood by Joe’s side and helped him through his successful profession for more than 20 years.

What is Ann Archambault currently doing?

In 1993, she was a cheerleader for the NFL. She currently works as a financial advisor and earns a respectable livelihood in this capacity.

Apart from this, Ann is employed by Amazon as a senior product manager, where she uses her experience to support the growth of one of the top e-commerce businesses in the world.

Ann Archambault
Ann Archambault

Her achievements in the sector are certainly noteworthy, even though she maintains a modest profile in it.

Ann Archambault Kids

Ann Archambault was married to Joe Buck, and together, they had two daughters named Natalie and Trudy.  

On June 7, 1996, their first child, Natalie Buck, was born. She works as a wardrobe assistant at Fox Sports right now. Also, Natalie interns at Tucker Meyerson Casting as a casting assistant. She completed her studies at the University of Bloomington in journalism.

1999 saw the birth of Ann and Joe’s second child, Trudy Buck. Her degree from the USC Cinematics Division is in hand. Since childhood, the youngest daughter has always enjoyed acting and telling stories. When Trudy was in the seventh grade, she became a member of the cast of the film Marshall’s Miracle.

Later on, after Ann and her husband Scott Kitchell divorced, her daughter’s name from that marriage is Evelyn Marie Kitchell. So, she has three daughters altogether, Natalie, Trudy, and Evelyn Marie.

Ann Archambault’s Early Life

Ann Archambault was born in St. Louis, Missouri, on November 30, 1969, and her adventure started in the center of the United States. The Archambaults, her family, provided her with love and support.

Her mother, Jackie Archambault, and father, Thomas Archambault, were major influences on her childhood.

Unfortunately, information regarding Ann’s grandparents, cousins, and siblings is still mostly unknown. Ann decides to keep these details of her life hidden from the world because she values her privacy.

Her decision reflects her wish to keep certain aspects of her life and family history private.

Did Ann Archambault’s married again?

Ann Buck and Joe Buck chose to divorce after almost 20 years of marriage, and they got divorced in 2011. Ann and Joe remained dedicated to co-parenting their children as well as maintaining a respectful relationship even after their love relationship ended.

Ann decided to live a quiet life away from the limelight following her divorce. She has committed her life to being a caring and loving mother to Natalie and Trudy, her daughters. Ann’s deep affection for her kids is evident in the way she supports and mentors them throughout life’s journey.

Joe Buck with his wife Michelle Beisner
Joe Buck with his wife Michelle Beisner

Both Ann and Joe have moved on with their lives after their divorce. Renewed his love life, Joe Buck wed NFL Network and ESPN reporter Michelle Beisner. Ann discovered pleasure in her marriage to Scott Kitchell, which took place in June 2018. Evelyn Marie Kitchell is their gorgeous daughter, and they are proud parents.

What is Ann Archambault’s Age?

In 2023, Ann Archambault’s age is 54 years old since her birth in 1969. She was born under the sign of Sagittarius, which is known for being a creative, standalone, as well as open-minded astrological sign.

Although her birth year is known with confidence, the public does not have easy access to specifics about her ethnicity.

Ann Archambault’s Family details

Thomas Archambault is Ann Archambault’s father, and Jackie Archambault is her mother. Apart from them, there is currently no information known about Ann’s other family members, including her grandparents, cousins, siblings, and other relatives.

From where did she complete her Education?

Ann attended Spring Woods High School, showing her commitment to learning there. She completed her college degree from the University of Mississippi.

Joe Buck's first wife Ann Archambault
Ann Archambault

Her academic success and graduation cleared the path for her intended goals in life. She created a solid foundation for her future goals and gave herself a great life.

Ann Archambault was a Cheerleader

Cheerleading was Ann Archambault’s passion from a young age. In 1993, she followed her goal and joined the National Football League (NFL) cheer squad. Her skill, energy, and engaging performances immediately elevated her to the status of one of the most well-liked NFL cheerleaders ever.

Ann cheered for the St. Louis Cardinals while she was a cheerleader, making and influencing the team and the supporters equally. Her captivating presence, gorgeous appearance, and contagious energy made her a beloved personality in the cheering community.

Ann Archambault Ethnicity

In the US, Ann Archambault is a famous person. She strongly identifies as American, having American nationality. Despite being Ethnically white, the details that go beyond her American identification add to the diversity that creates the basis of the country’s culture.

Beyond her identification, Ann’s fame results from the many relationships and experiences that make her a noteworthy figure in American culture.

Ann Archambault Religion

Ann Archambault’s Religion is Christian; she enjoys celebrating Christian holidays with her loved ones. Together, they love these unique moments, creating joyful memories as well as experiencing a sense of familiarity.

Ann values religion greatly, and her family and community are together and happy when they celebrate it.

Ann Archambault Physical Appearance

Those who are in her presence are mesmerized by Ann Archambault’s undoubted beauty and charisma. Ann is 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighs 55 kg. She has a slim and attractive body. Her 34, 28, and 35-inch body sizes highlight her natural beauty.

Ann Archambault with her friend
Ann Archambault with her friend

Ann has a timeless charm with her gorgeous brown hair and beautiful green eyes. Her lively demeanor and upbeat vibes are wonderfully complemented by her physical attractiveness.

Ann Archambault Social Media

Ann Archambault Buck’s images are not active on social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter since she chooses to lead a private existence.

Rather, she decides to focus on her connections and appreciates the time she spends with her close companions.

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What is Ann Archambault’s Net Worth?

As of November 2023, Ann Archambault-Buck has an estimated net worth of $3 million. While the primary source of her income remains undisclosed, her successful career at Amazon undoubtedly contributes to her financial stability.

Her achievements as a senior product manager and her ability to navigate the competitive world of e-commerce speak volumes about her expertise and dedication.

Some amazing facts about Ann Archambault

  • Ann Archambault Buck loved sports and entertainment when she was younger.
  • Ann has a well-proportioned body and is 5 feet 5 inches tall.
  • Because of her love for cheering, Ann grew to fame as one of the most popular cheerleaders in NFL history.
  • She works at Amazon as a senior product manager and has a good career.
  • Ann has two daughters with Joe Buck, with whom she was married.
  • Ann prefers to lead a quiet life away from the spotlight because she values her privacy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is Joe Buck’s first wife?

Ans: Ann Archambault was the first wife of Joe Buck. Natalie and Trudy are their two daughters from their 1993–2011 marriage.

2. How many wives has Joe Buck had?

Ans: Joe Buck is a twice-married man. Michelle Beisner is his current wife; Ann Archambault was his first wife.

3. What is Ann Archambault’s Instagram?

Ans: She is not active on any social media, she chooses to be private.

4. Is Joe Buck married to Ann Archambault?

Ans: Yes, but they are divorcee now, their marriage period was from 1993 to 2011.

5. What are Ann Archambault’s children’s names?

Ans: Natalie Buck, Trudy Buck, and Evelyn Marie Kitchell

Final Note

Ann Archambault’s biography is a tribute to love, commitment, and chasing the goals you want. Ann never stops inspiring people around her, whether it is through her fulfilling work as a cheerleader or her role as a devoted mother.

Even though she left the spotlight, her influence on the cheerleading community and her constant loyalty to her family will always be valued.

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