Kyler Murray shocked fans with his pregame outfit, fans shocked

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Kyler Murray wore a male sports bra

Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray went viral before pregame for a shocking reason. However, he didn’t play against the Broncos in the preseason opener on Friday night because he is still dealing with the ACL injury. He has not been fully recovered.

Kyler Murray
Kyler Murray

But without playing in the game Kyler Murray went viral due to his attire. Murray was wearing black shorts with a vest that appeared like a “male sports bra” at first glance.

The dress was completely looking different. Fans were shocked and stunned by the dress. Quarterback Kyler Murray went viral on the internet due to the outfit and also got trolled.

NFL fans started commenting on the dress and the photo went viral on Twitter.

“I’m ignoring the very normal tracker gear, why’s he stand like Raheem Sterling about to take a corner,” one fan wrote.

Another person said, “I don’t know what’s more shocking. The fact that people still think these are bras or the fact that they haven’t come up with a design that looks less like a bra.”

He’s wearing a GPS performance tracking vest y’all. Granted, it does look like a “bra”, it monitors heart rate, blood pressure, etc while he’s practicing. (Has NOTHING to do with his sexuality, some of y’all need to check yourselves SMDH), another wrote.

Understand why players wear these…but the honest question is, is there a reason they don’t wear a shirt over them? a fan said.

Say it with your chest NFL rumors we all know what you meant by this, another fan wrote.

Murray is still recovering from the injury and Arizona has still not announced whether he will be returning to the squad.

Hope, Murray will recover immediately and do his best.

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