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Amanda Hyde, the NFL star Micah Hyde wife, has captured the hearts of many with her grace, beauty, and dedication. From her cultural heritage to her role as a mother and her philanthropic endeavors, Amanda’s journey is one of inspiration and admiration. Amanda Hyde is not only an incredible support system for Micah but also an accomplished woman in her own right.

Read more into the life of Amanda Hyde’s biography, exploring her early years, education, career, and the incredible love story she shares with Micah Hyde.

Amanda Hyde enjoying Rain
Amanda Hyde enjoying Rain (Source: Instagram)

Micah Hyde Wife Biography

Micah Hyde wife Name:Amanda Hyde
Date of Birth:September 07, 1989
Birth name:Amanda Kamiksisian
Amanda Hyde Age:35 (as of 2023)
Birth placе:San Diego, California, USA
Amanda Hyde Mother:Aida
Amanda Hyde Father:Kevork
Amanda Hyde Brother:N/A
Amanda Hyde Sisters:Whitney and Sarah Kamiksisian
Amanda Hyde Education:Graduation
Amanda Hyde Major:Business Administration
School:Rosary Sisters School
University Enroll:San Diego State University
Degree:Mass Communication, Business Administration
Marital status:Married
Amanda Hyde Relationship:Micah Hyde
Amanda Hyde Ex-Boyfriend:None
Amanda Hyde Kids:Micah Richmond Hyde Jr. (Son), Maverick Hyde (Daughter)
Relationship Status: Married
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Ethnicity: Middle Eastern-American
Eye Color: Dark
Hair Color: Black
Height: 5’6”-5’8”
Weight: 60 Kg
Amanda Hyde Figure:N/A
Favorite Food:Middle Eastern meals
Favorite Color:N/A
Favorite Destination:N/A
Food Habits:N/A
Favorite Sport:Football
Hobby: Traveling, Social work
Profession:Director of Marketing and Development, Entrepreneurship
Achievement:District Manager and Senior Salon Director
Amanda Hyde Net Worth:Not Known
Amanda Hyde Current Address:California
Amanda Hyde Nationality:American
Popular Search:Micah Hyde wife
Social Media:Instagram

How did Amanda Hyde and Micah Hyde meet?

The NFL star’s trip to San Diego, California during his offseason is when Amanda and her husband Micah first got to know one another. The pair hit it off right away and have been fascinated with one another ever since.

Hyde was a promising player for the Green Bay Packers when they first started dating, but Amanda, his girlfriend, was not aware of his growing fame. Kamiksisian refused to believe him, even after hearing about him from one of her coworkers.

Amanda Hyde and Micah enjoying in the party
Amanda Hyde and Micah enjoying the party (Source: Instagram)

Early in 2016, they both disclosed their relationship status. On January 1, 2016, Amanda uploaded a post-birthday picture of her boyfriend for the first time.

After Hyde signed a multi-million dollar contract with the Buffalo Bills in 2017, the two relocated to Buffalo. It is interesting to note that Amanda would want to see the stadium as soon as she arrived in the city. She fell in love with it right away, too.

Amanda Hyde’s Early Life

Amanda Hyde, originally known as Amanda Kamiksisian, was born on September 7, 1989, in San Diego, California. Growing up in a loving family, Amanda was instilled with values of education and compassion from an early age.

While details about her early life and education remain private, it is evident that her parents placed a high value on her academic development.

Amanda’s parents, Kevork and Aida Hajjar Kamiksisian made sure that she received a quality education, likely enrolling her in reputable schools during her formative years.

Amanda Hyde Parents

The kid of Kevork and Aida Hajjar Kamiksisian is Amanda Hyde. Her two sisters are Whitney and Sarah Kamiksisian. She is of Arabic origin.

Amanda Hyde’s mother Aida’s Facebook page states that she went to Rosary Sisters School in Jordan and currently lives in San Diego.

Amanda Hyde’s father Kevork hails from Israel’s capital city of Jerusalem. They moved to the United States to attend San Diego State University after attending De La Salle College in Jerusalem.

Micah Hyde proposed in a surprising way!

In July 2017, after they had been together for more than a year, the NFL safety made a charming and unexpected proposal to his girlfriend Amanda. To get to a boat, the two first flew. Micah got down on one knee to propose to Amanda, who happily accepted as soon as they arrived at the boat where their loved ones were waiting for them.

Micah and Amandas photoshoot
Micah and Amanda’s photoshoot (Source: Instagram)

Additionally, Micah posted his unexpected proposal to Instagram. Similarly, Amanda showed off her engagement ring in several pictures she posted on social media following their engagement. The event happened in San Diego.

Micah Hyde and Amanda’s Marriage

After becoming engaged, the Hyde couple decided to get married around a year later. Amanda and Micah exchanged vows on July 7, 2018. The five-star Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Dana Point, California, was the location the venue for their wedding.

Micah Hyde and Amanda's Marriage
Micah Hyde and Amanda’s Marriage (Source: Instagram)

Amanda’s father took her down the aisle. Given that Micah’s wife is of Arabic descent, they likewise observed customs and rituals specific to their culture on their special day.

Amanda Hyde Kids

Amanda is not only a loving Micah Hyde wife but also a caring mother of two kids. On March 18, 2020, they welcomed Micah Richmond Hyde Jr., a son, into the world. In September 2019, Amanda announced her pregnancy for the first time on Instagram. In the message, she said that “March 2020” was her due date as well.

Amanda Hyde and Micah with their children
Amanda Hyde and Micah with their children (Source: Instagram)

On August 30, 2021, Amanda and Micah welcomed their daughter Maverick Hudson Hyde into the world, marking their second childbirth. The four-person family currently resides in California.

Amanda Hyde Education

After deciding to enroll at San Diego State University in 2013, which holds emotional significance as her father’s alma mater, Amanda started an important new phase in her academic path.

She decided to pursue a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) with a specialization in marketing since she is passionate about marketing.

Amanda hyde with her friends
Amanda hyde with her friends (Source: Instagram)

Micah Hyde wife’s future professional goals were greatly helped by this educational effort, which gave her a solid knowledge basis and set of abilities that would be essential to her success in the workplace.

Amanda Hyde Career

Whereas Amanda Hyde is most recognized for being Micah Hyde wife, she has also established herself in the business world.

Driven by her desire to positively impact people’s lives, Amanda has devoted her professional life to philanthropy and engaging the community.

Amanda Hyde Profession

Amanda is currently employed with the Imagine for Youth Foundation as the Director of Marketing and Development. The organization seeks to help children from impoverished backgrounds who are in need financially.

Micah Hyde wife Amanda has played a vital role in increasing awareness and money to further the goals of the foundation through her position. Her commitment to serving others reflects her compassion and desire to change the world for the better.

Amanda Hyde enjoying hiking
Amanda Hyde enjoys hiking (Source: Instagram)

Amanda was employed by iTAN Franchising, Inc. as a district manager and senior salon director before joining the Imagine for Youth Foundation. She was able to gain a strong work ethic and useful leadership abilities as a result of this experience.

Even though Amanda is not as actively involved in athletics as her spouse is, her services to the community show that she is dedicated to changing the world outside of the spotlight.

Amanda Hyde’s Net Worth

Although Amanda Hyde’s exact net worth is not known, she leads a luxurious life because of her marriage to Micah Hyde. Micah Hyde’s net worth is an impressive $10 million as of January 2023 as a result of his nearly ten-season outstanding NFL career. His well-paying sponsorships and contracts have added to their joint financial security.

Amanda Hyde is financially secure, but she does not let that stop her from being committed to improving the lives of others through her charitable activities. She may pursue her love of aiding underprivileged children as the Director of Marketing and Development at the Imagine for Youth Foundation.

Amanda Hyde Social Media

Amanda and Micah Enjoying in beach
Amanda and Micah Enjoying in beach (Source: Instagram)

Amanda uses social media, especially Instagram, to share details of her life and adventures with her followers. She shares peeks into her family life, travels, and volunteer work with her more than 17.4k followers. She uses her Instagram account to communicate with her followers and share the highs and lows of her journey.

Amanda Hyde’s Physical Appearance

Amanda Hyde has a classic beauty that captivates everyone in the area. She radiates grace and elegance with her gorgeous black hair, dark eyes, and lovable features.

Her exact height is unclear, but judging from her slim figure, she appears to take delight in leading a healthy lifestyle. Undoubtedly, fitness and health play a significant role in her life as the spouse of an NFL player.

Amanda Hyde Age

Micah Hyde wife was born in 1989, making Amanda Hyde age 35 years old in 2023. She was born in the bright city of San Diego, California, and grew up there perhaps in an environment with lots of sunshine and a coastal vibe. She is more than a year older than her 34-year-old husband Micah.

Amanda Hyde Height & Weight

The height range for Amanda Hyde is probably 5 feet 6 inches (1.68 meters) to 5 feet 8 inches (1.73 meters) and Weigh is 60kg. This is because she seems slightly shorter in pictures than her spouse Micah Hyde, who stands at 6 feet (1.83 meters) tall.

Amanda Hyde Ethnicity

Amanda Hyde in desert
Amanda Hyde in Desert (Source: Instagram)

Micah Hyde’s wife, Amanda Hyde, is an American woman of Middle Eastern descent. Her Middle Eastern ancestry and American upbringing have blended to create her unique Middle Eastern-American ethnicity. This indicates that she values the best aspects of both cultures and identifies with both of them.

Because of her mixed ethnicity, Amanda is an important contributor to the community. She serves as a link between two cultures and encourages respect for differences and mutual understanding.

Micah Hyde’s wife serves as an inspiration for other young people of mixed ancestry. She teaches children that it is possible to find a place in the world and to be proud of both of their traditions.

Amanda Hyde Religion

Amanda Hyde, Micah Hyde’s wife, is of Arabic background. This indicates that she comes from the Arab world, which consists of 22 nations in the Middle East, Western Asia, and North Africa, through family or ancestors.

The most populous nations speaking Arabic are Sudan, Yemen, Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia.  At the same time, Micah Hyde wife’s nationality is American as well.

Amanda Hyde Facts

Amanda Hyde and her cute baby
Amanda Hyde and her cute baby (Source: Instagram)
  • Amanda Kamiksisian is her birth name.
  • She communicates regularly with a small group of pen pals.
  • Amanda had no idea that the Air Jordan series of sneakers was well-known at first.
  • She likes to prepare traditional Middle Eastern meals and serve them to her loved ones.
  • She observes the holidays of the Middle East, including Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha.
  • She participates in groups like the Arab American Institute that help Middle Eastern Americans.
  • She has a flawless Arabic accent.
  • She imparts Middle Eastern cultural knowledge to her kids.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is going on with Micah Hyde?

Ans: Micah Hyde, an NFL player, is presently suffering from a back problem. He is considered day-to-day and questionable for the Buffalo Bills’ Monday Night Football matchup against the New York Jets in Week 1.

2. Who is Micah Hyde’s footballer wife?

Ans: Micah Hyde wife’s name is Amanda Hyde (before marriage, Amanda Kamiksisian)

3. What nationality is Micah Hyde?

Ans: Micah Hyde, an NFL player, is American. On December 31, 1990, he was born in Fostoria, Ohio.

4. How much does Micah Hyde make?

Ans: In 2023, Micah Hyde will receive a base salary of $5,300,000 in addition to a $1,500,000 roster bonus and a $100,000 workout bonus. He will now be paid a total of $7,000,000 as a result. The season’s cap hit for him is $10,571,294.

5. Who is the female owner of the Buffalo Bills?

Ans: Kim Pegula is the female owner of the Buffalo Bills. American businesswoman Kim Pegula is the president and co-owner of the National Football League (NFL) Buffalo Bills.

Final Note

From her early years to her responsibilities as a Micah Hyde wife, mother, and philanthropist, Amanda Hyde’s biography is marked by compassion, love, and devotion.

Her courage and character can be seen in her constant support for her husband, Micah Hyde, and her devotion to changing the lives of others.

Everyone can be inspired by Amanda’s story, which highlights the importance of family, love, and pursuing a purposeful life.

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