Micah Parsons sends his last warning to Tyreek Hill

Written by Rupam Kumar

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Micah Parsons and Tyreek Hill will face each other on December 25.
Micah Parsons and Tyreek Hill
Micah Parsons and Tyreek Hill

The NFL is one of the biggest sports, and sometimes there is conflict between players. Cowboys star Micah Parsons and Dolphins star Tyreek Hill is one of the examples.

The Dallas Cowboys will face the Miami Dolphins for the first time in 2023 on December 25 but the warmth between them can already be seen.

They will face each other after four months. But it looks like the trash-talking between Micah Parson and Tyreek Hill will continue for a while.

Tyreek Hill (@Cheetah) reacted to Micah Parsons tweet after being called a “baby lion” by him on Twitter (now X). He told him to “watch your back” when they play on December 25.

“Micah Parsons, when we play you December 25th on Christmas Day, I have a present for you, my boy. I know you seen my little clip where I was blocking the D-End. I’m big like that, so you better watch your back.”

“I’mma show you that game who the real lion is,” Hill said. “I’m the cheetah and I’m the lion. I’m the real hybrid on the field, baby.”

Parsons immediately responded to Hill’s bravery and threatened to make a “cheetah blanket.”

“Ima make my baby girl a cheetah blanket for Christmas,” Parsons wrote this morning.

Dallas Cowboys star Micah Parsons has proven himself to be one of the best players in the NFL and is quickly making a name for himself.

He is emerging as the frontrunner for both Defensive Player of the Year and making a compelling case to be named NFL MVP, which has not been accomplished by any defender since Lawrence Taylor in the 1980s.

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But Tyreek Hill is no less. He is a tough one to compete and one of the best wide receivers in the NFL. By seeing his strength, it doesn’t seem that it’s hard for him to break the NFL receiving record and become the first with over 2,000 receiving yards.

He has achieved 255 yards passing through in just the first two games. If he goes on through this pace, he will achieve it before the Christmas day game between the Cowboys and Dolphins.

Let,s wait and see who is winning the fight.

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