Robert Griffin III Criticizes Broncos Coach and Worries about Team Unity

Written by Rupam Kumar

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Robert Griffin III, an ESPN pundit, has voiced his displeasure with Sean Payton’s management of the Denver Broncos during his first season with the organization. Following the Broncos’ recent loss to the Chiefs on Thursday night, Griffin was not shy in criticizing Payton’s approach, arguing that it promotes blaming rather than problem-solving.

Robert Griffin III
Robert Griffin III

Griffin’s main criticism is that this season, rather than focusing on finding answers to the issues at hand, Sean Payton frequently seems to be blaming Russell Wilson. He worries that the chemistry in the Broncos locker room may suffer if this keeps occurring.

Griffin aired his worries in a social media post, writing,

“The Denver Broncos aren’t playing to win football games. The goal of their game is to win the BLAME GAME. When Sean Payton enters the scene and starts disparaging his Super Bowl-winning quarterback Russell Wilson EVERY CHANCE HE GETS, that is what occurs.”

Robert Griffin III

No one in the locker room thinks the coach has their best interests at heart, thus the room will implode.

After the first half of the Thursday night game, Coach Payton should have offered an apology for a “boneheaded mistake” he had made. He didn’t hold back in the post-game press conference when he criticized the Broncos’ passing strategy, stating, “To win in our league, you’ve got to be better at throwing the ball.”

The Broncos will play the Packers on the following Sunday in their comeback. Watching to see if Russell Wilson and Coach Payton can mend fences this season will be interesting.

Overall, Robert Griffin III, a former NFL quarterback who is currently an analyst for ESPN, caused controversy by sharply criticizing Denver Broncos head coach Sean Payton. Griffin, in his first season with the Broncos, was candid and critical of Coach Payton’s strategies following the team’s recent defeat to the Kansas City Chiefs on a Thursday night game.

Griffin’s main worry centers on what he sees as Coach Payton’s overwhelming propensity to assign blame rather than take proactive measures to remedy the team’s problems. He is concerned that if this pattern continues, it might be bad for the team’s cohesion and morale.

In fairness to Coach Payton, he did publicly acknowledge a “boneheaded mistake” he made at the end of the first half during the Thursday night game. This admission of fault demonstrates a degree of accountability, which Griffin did not fail to recognize.

At his postgame press conference, Coach Payton did not skip his words when pointing out the shortcomings of the passing offense. He highlighted the value of improving passing technique by saying, “To win in our league, you’ve got to be better at throwing the ball.”

On Sunday, against the Green Bay Packers, the Broncos will play their next game. The concern is main if Coach Payton and Russel Wilson work well together for the first time this season in terms of communication, cooperation as well and strategic discussion.

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