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In the world of professional football, there are few best players who capture the attention and hearts of their fans quite like Sam Hubbard. With his rugged good looks as well as undeniable talent on the field, it is no wonder that he has become a popular figure for fans, especially those in Cincinnati. But as is often the case with famous athletes, may wonder about Sam Hubbard wife, girlfriend, and relationship status. 

Sam and his girlfriend, Jess attending NFL honors.
Sam and his girlfriend, Jess attending NFL honors.

Is Sam Hubbard single or taken? Well, Sam Hubbard is off the market. He is in a committed relationship with a stunning woman named Jessica Koehler. 

Sam Hubbard Wife Biography

Let’s explore into the questionable love story of Sam Hubbard wife or girlfriend Jessica Koehler, exploring their journey from college to the present day.

Early Life of Jess

Jessica Koehler is a talented and accomplished professional, currently serving as an Area Sales Manager at Artemis Distribution in Chicago, Illinois. She has been with the company since August 2023, bringing her expertise and dedication to her role. 

Prior to her current position, Jessica worked as a Subscription Sales Associate and Strategic Accounts Field Trainer at the same company. 

Her career journey began as a Sales Administrative Assistant at Cresco Labs in 2019. She has also held positions such as Sales Associate at GOAT Climb and Cryo, Client Relations Coordinator at Selective Search, and Life Insurance Broker at Family First Life.

What is Jessica Koehler’s Age?

Born and raised in Chicago, Jessica Koehler celebrates her birthday on August 22nd of each year with a lot of joy. She gives off a sense of mystery because much of her personal data is hidden behind her Instagram account, which is stubbornly private. 

Her attraction is further enhanced by her secretive charisma, which sparks the interest of those who are lucky enough to come into contact with her.

Where did Jessica Koehler take Education?

Sam Hubbard girlfriend Jessica Koehler’s path to success started with her studies. She is an Ohio State University and University of Tampa alumna with pride. 

jessica chilling out with her friends
Jessica chilling out with her friends

Her working path as well as the abilities, and knowledge she needs to succeed in her area have definitely been shaped by her educational background.

Jessica Koehler education with a degree in strategic communication shows that her area of interest has been beneficial to her professional development. 

Jessica Koehler Career & Profession

She has experience in a variety of roles and has had a varied work path. She was a sales assistant in the past, helping with customer support and sales activities. 

In order to maintain solid relationships with clients and customers, she also worked as a client relations coordinator. Sam Hubbard girlfriend has also become involved in the life insurance industry as a broker, helping clients in safeguarding their financial destiny. 

Sam and his girlfriend, Jessica
Sam and his girlfriend, Jessica

She took on a leadership position in overseeing sales operations and teams within her assigned area when she most recently joined Artemis Distribution as an area sales manager. Her career path has been defined by adaptability and a dedication to providing clients and customers with various services.

Jessica Koehler’s Physical Appearance

Beyond her professional achievements, Jessica Koehler possesses many qualities that make her an incredible partner for Sam Hubbard. Her physical appearance is often a topic of discussion, and it is not hard to see why. 

With her ravishing beauty, she undoubtedly turns heads wherever she goes. While specific details about her height and weight are not readily available, it is clear that she takes great care of her physical well-being. Her dedication to fitness and overall health is evident, and it complements her natural beauty.

Sam Hubbard’s Relationship with Jessica Koehler 

Sam Hubbard and Jessica Koehler’s love story started back in their college days at Ohio State University. Both of them joined the university around the same time, and it was there that they first crossed paths. 

Sam and his girlfriend, Jess holding Posters
Sam and his girlfriend, Jess holding Posters

As fate would have it, their shared alma mater would play a significant role in their relationship.

Sam Hubbard Girlfriend Jessica Koehler

Sam Hubbard with his Girlfriend jess
Sam Hubbard with his girlfriend Jess

While Sam has not publicly spoken about his Sam Hubbard wife, girlfriend, or relationship status, it has become clear through various sources that he and Jessica are indeed a couple. Their relationship was first revealed when Sam shared an Instagram post in February 2023, showcasing how he spent his week. The post included several pictures of him standing close to Jessica, sparking speculation among fans.

Is Sam Hubbard Wife Jessica Koehler?

If you are wondering is Sam Hubbard married? Although some fans initially questioned the nature of Sam and Jessica’s relationship, there were telltale signs that they were more than just friends. Firstly, the intimacy between the two was evident in the pictures shared by Sam. Their body language and closeness spoke volumes about the connection they shared. 

Sam Hubbard and jessica at NFL stadium
Sam Hubbard and Jessica at the NFL stadium

Additionally, Jessica Koehler is also close friends with Olivia Holzmacher, the girlfriend of Sam’s teammate, Joe Burrow. Olivia’s social media activity, including a story featuring Jessica, seemed to confirm the romantic relationship between Sam and Jessica.

Olivia once added a story with Jess which seemingly confirmed that Sam is really going out with Koehler.

Sam Hubbard Girlfriend Jess

As fans of Sam Hubbard, it is only natural to wonder about the future of his relationship with Jessica Koehler while there is no official news of an engagement or marriage. Fans have expressed their hopes for the couple. 

Sam and his girlfriend, Jess clapping at event
Sam and his girlfriend, Jess clapping at event

A TikTok video featuring Jessica and Olivia, Joe Burrow’s girlfriend, went viral, with fans playfully urging both Sam and Joe to propose to their respective partners. While only time will tell what the future holds, it is clear that Sam and Jessica share a deep connection and have a bright future together.

Jessica Koehler Social Media

Jessica Koehler Instagram

Sam Hubbard Twitter

In today’s digital age, social media often provides valuable insights into the personal lives of public figures. Jessica Koehler is no exception to this trend. 

Jess and sam in NFL honors event
Jess and Sam in the NFL honors event

While she maintains a relatively low profile on social media, she does have an Instagram account where she occasionally shares glimpses of her life. To get a closer look into Jessica’s world, you can follow her on Instagram. Yet, she also has a Twitter account, where she shares her thoughts and experiences.

Sam Hubbard’s Net Worth

Sam Hubbard’s net worth is thought to be $40 million. This covers his base pay as well as any additional incentives and signing bonuses. In 2022-2023, Hubbard agreed to a $40 million, four-year contract with the Bengals, which came with a $10 million signing bonus.

One of the NFL players with the most marketability is Hubbard. He has sponsorship deals with several organizations, such as Gatorade, Bose, and Nike. His overall net worth is increased by these endorsements.

Given his youth and talent, Hubbard should see further growth in his net worth in the years to come.

Sam Hubbard Foundation

Sam Hubbard, a defensive end for the Cincinnati Bengals, formed the Sam Hubbard Foundation as a nonprofit in 2021. The goal of the foundation is to provide all Cincinnati residents with fair access to food, education, and a healthy lifestyle.

Hubbard’s Cupboards, the foundation’s flagship program, offers hygiene goods, nutritious lunches, and school materials to underprivileged youngsters. At the moment, Hubbard’s Cupboards serve nearly 7,000 kids and are situated in Ten Cincinnati Schools.

Sam Hubbard is a devoted volunteer who uses his position as an NFL player to raise awareness of critical issues and improve the lives of others. His foundation, the Sam Hubbard Foundation, is dedicated to improving the Cincinnati community.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why Sam Hubbard is called the Cincinnati Kid?

Ans: Because of his strong ties to Cincinnati and his accomplishments as a Bengal, Sam Hubbard is known as the “Cincinnati Kid.” He was reared in Cincinnati, where he also attended Ohio State during his college football career.

Q. Who is Sam Hubbard’s girlfriend?

Ans: Jessica Koehler is the girlfriend of Sam Hubbard. They were first spotted together at several public occasions in 2022, and have remained together since then.

Q. Who is Sam Hubbard dating?

Ans: Sam Hubbard dating Jessica (Jess) Koehler

Q. Is Sam Hubbard engaged?

Ans: Information that is accessible to the public indicates that Sam Hubbard is not involved. He has not declared his engagement, and there is no indication that he intends to get married very soon.

Q. How much does Sam Hubbard make?

Ans: In 2023, Sam Hubbard will make $7,650,000 as his basic pay. He also receives a $100,000 exercise bonus. It also means that he will receive $8,000,000 in cash payoff in total in 2023.

Final Note

The story of Sam Hubbard wife mysterious statement as well as Jessica Koehler’s love is proof of the influence of destiny and common experiences. They have a solid foundation of love, trust, and support that they have established from their college days at Ohio State University to their current situation. 

Jessica and Sam’s friendship is strengthened by her physical attractiveness, professional achievements, and strong bond with Sam’s teammates. 

Even though the future may not be guaranteed, Sam Hubbard and Jessica Koehler’s love is unquestionable, and they have an exciting path ahead of them.

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