Why Tyreek Hill said “Kids generation is screwed”? See details

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The NFL player Tyreek Hill, who is famous for his quickness on and off the field, recently expressed his worry on social media after observing a risk-taking video posted by well-known YouTuber iShowSpeed, also known as Speed.

Hill, who is active on several platforms, such as Twitch and YouTube, expressed his dislike for the online celebrity’s dangerous Coke and Mentos challenge.

Tyreek Hill
Tyreek Hill

In the viral stunt, Speed attempted to drink the explosive concoction while wearing an inflated condom over his entire head, riffing on the famous Mentos and Coke experiment.

The attempt went wrong, putting Speed in a potentially deadly predicament where he was having trouble breathing due to the Coke-filled condom wrapped around his head. He tore himself free from the improvised trap in a panic.

Tyreek Hill Worried

When Tyreek Hill posted the video to his personal X account, he included this simple statement with it, “Our kids’ generation is screwed smh.” The NFL player is worried because people like Speed can have a big influence on their fans and encourage them to take on similar dangerous undertakings.

Speed expressed his resolve to perform the feat again live on the stream, even though he acknowledged the unsuccessful attempt. Though I almost drowned on the first try, he confidently stated, “I didn’t do it! I know how to do it now! Let’s f*ck ourselves up! Let’s f*ck ourselves up!” This statement caused more people to take notice, given the possible risks.

Being among the quickest NFL players in history has earned Tyreek Hill, also known by his social media alias “Cheetah,” his nickname. Hill’s wife, Keeta Vaccaro also has some talent.

Knowing full well the impact social media stars have on the next generation, Hill’s condemnation should serve as a warning to avoid trying risky antics that are inspired by internet fads.

Hill’s analysis of these viral issues, as he continues to interact with his audience on multiple platforms, speaks to a larger worry about how internet trends affect impressionable people, particularly the younger generation.

Hill’s message serves as a reminder to put safety and responsible content creation first in the chase of online popularity at a time when social media has a significant impact.

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