Shocking: A NFL player lost more than $8 million from gambling

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NFL Player Lost his hard earn money by gambling

Gambling is one of the most dangerous things in the world for any person. It has destroyed many lives and still, many people are addicted to it. Many people find it very attractive and they are known to spend a lot of money on it. In many sports it is illegal. 

The NFL also prohibits all non-players from betting on sports but they allow their player for reasons neither obvious nor apparent, to legally bet on sports other than NFL or non-NFL games or events. 

Here is one of the big reasons which occurred recently that will stop you from gambling. A new report from Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio is shocking. 

According to Mike Florio, an NFL famous player, who is not identified by name in the story lost $8 million in wagers in 2022. He lost all the money by gambling in 2022.  Losing that much for anyone is a massive problem. 

So again the most important question is why NFL allows players to bet. How big is this issue? How much money players are losing? 

And, the NFL has full control over the gambling policy with no allowance or input from the NFL Players Association.

The league has allowed players to bet on games, even though non-players are not allowed.

According to Chris Simms’s theory, as said during Tuesday’s PFT Live, is that “the league lets players legally bet so that the sportsbooks can make money from young guys with lots of cash to burn.” 

According to Mike Florio from ProFootballTalk, “The reality is that the house ALWAYS wins, over the long haul. The house hopes that you become sufficiently emboldened by short-term success to believe that you’ve stumbled onto a system or something. That you’re going to keep winning and winning and winning.

You won’t. You’ll lose. They win. You lose.

Gambling source/Variety

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My dad, whose crew inspired Father of Mine, was a bookie. I never bet because he shared with me at a young age this simple, three-word lesson: You. Can’t. Win.”

While the league allows the player to bet and non-player to not, The league has a big partnership with Caesars Entertainment, DraftKings, and FanDuel. So, it will be interesting to see if NFL revisits its gambling policy or not.

Gambling is a big problem for many players and youths. It can even destroy life. People may lose their hard earn money. But many players find it attractive and get addicted to it. 

Fans started to react to the news after it went viral.

“This has A “Pete Rose” level problem written all over it. It’s going to cost someone a career, and if the player had $8 million to lose in a single year, then we might be talking about a QB,” one fan said.

NFL Gambling Policy
NFL Gambling Policy source/Medium

“Bwwwhhaaaaaa ! This is hilarious. Maybe this player should be made an example of. Do NOT blame the NFL, the NFL didn’t gamble, the player did. Where’s the NFLPA? Where was the agent for the player? Surely he/she/it knew about the gambling. The NFL team should NOT have to make up for the losses by the player. Sometimes you win, sometimes you loss,” another user replied.

“Let’s stop treating NFL players like they should not have all the same freedoms and potential issues from those freedoms that the rest of us have. With gambling, the house always wins in the end, so the more you play, the more you lose in the long term. That said, sports gambling is a multi-billion dollar industry in the US. Many people like the thrill of it. Many wealthy people lose a lot of money gambling.

NFL Gambling reports
NFL Gambling reports source/The Washington Post

If we want to debate the morality of gambling for everyone, that’s fair, but as long as it’s legal, we aren’t the parents of NFL players. If they aren’t betting on the NFL they should be free to lose as much money as they want.” a fan wrote.

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