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Aaron Rodgers gave a shocking reply to the former NFL player.

The ground is hot for Aaron Rodgers as he is on the road on whether or not he would continue with his football career. Aaron Rodgers has always done things differently. Recently, Aaron Rodgers gave a shocking reply to the former NFL player. Last year Aaron decided to go on a Panchakarma Cleanse which included not eating anything except ghee for three days until evacuating all of it. 

Without being able to come to a solid decision on whether to continue playing or not, Aaron Rodger has now decided that Aaron would be attending a four-day darkness retreat. During this time, Aaron would be spending four days and nights in an isolated environment alone.

Aaron revealed the information on the Pat Mcafee Show. “It’s just sitting in isolation, meditation, dealing with your thoughts,” Rodgers said. “It stimulates DMT, so there can be some hallucinations in there, but it’s just kind of sitting in silence, which most of us never do.” After the retreat, Aaron would make a final decision about his career further in the NFL. Aaron takes it in a way like getting away from the real world will help make forty decisions.

To the news, former NFL player Mitchell Schwartz reacted in a way that may have not sat well with Aaron Rodgers. Mitchell Schwartz wrote on Twitter, “Weird the Packers aren’t consulting more with the guy who needs to go on a 4-day darkness retreat to figure out whether he wants to play football…,” Mitchell called out the Packers for getting more involved on the matter. 

 To this Aaron got offended neither replied rudely instead he took his time to explain the people who are criticizing him. 

“We are all on our own path, and doing things like this helps me find a greater sense of peace and love for life. “Love and respect to you ❤️” Aaron Rodgers replied in his tweet

Aaron has been playing for the Green Bay Packers since 2005. If Aaron Rodgers decides to continue playing, then he will decide whether to play for the green bay packers or will request a trade to play for some other team.

Aaron Rodgers gave a shocking reply to the Former NFL Player
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Well, Aaron did mention earlier of the Las Vegas fans calling him out to play with them and also the New York Jets look quite interested in taking him in the team.

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If Aaron continues to be with the green bay packers then the other interested teams have to look elsewhere but if Aaron gets traded then the green bay packers is expected to promote Jordan Love to their QB position.

Aaron may take a completely different route and retire as a whole from NFL and football all depending on his “Darkness Retreat”. 

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