Ravens LB Patrick Queen gives surprising contract updates

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Baltimore Ravens Patrick Queen gives surprising contract updates

The Baltimore Ravens recently declined a fifth-year contract option for the former first-round pick Patrick Queen, but the linebacker doesn’t seem to be taking the news too hard. Speaking to reporters, Queen said she considered it a “blessing in disguise” and was confident that everything would work out well.

As a former first-round pick, the Baltimore Ravens had the option to add a fully-guaranteed five years to Patrick Queen’s contract. The team declined, meaning the linebacker would be a free agent after the 2023 season. Although some players won’t be too thrilled about it Queen sees a silver lining.

“It’s a blessing in disguise. You see guys go both sides of it and get paid either way. At the end of the day, I’m just focused on being the best teammate I can be, being the best player that I can be and just going out there and proving myself. Going out there and playing the game that I love to play at a high level.” Queen said.

From a certain point of view, Queen has a point. While a fully guaranteed five-year security certainly has its advantages, it will allow the linebacker to hit the free agent market a year earlier. If he responds with a career year, he could earn a huge salary in the 2022 season, similar to Josh Jacobs.

Patrick Queen  and Roquan Smith contract updates

Luckily, Patrick Queen is in a position to make quite a bit of money in the upcoming season. Roquan Smith will be Daychart’s top linebacker, freeing Queen to pursue a role that better complements his strengths. He played some of his best football in 2022, and if he can carry that into 2023, he should see a significant increase from one in 32 teams.

However, Roquan Smith and Patrick Queen will be the two main linebackers for the 2023 Baltimore Ravens, with Trenton Simpson spending a year in a role. However, Simpson has already impressed coaches, and if he can prove he has what it takes to start in the NFL, Smith will likely spend the 2024 season with a different organization.

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