180+ Cooper Kupp Fantasy Names for 2024 [Funny, amazing, attractive, Mystical, and many more]

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Fans of fantasy football get set to put together your squad and win the league with the best Cooper Kupp fantasy names. These explosive choices are guaranteed to terrify your opponents and start a fire beneath your team. 

Take hold of these Kupp-tastic names and get ready for a run at the gridiron, whether you are an experienced veteran or just starting out looking to make some noise.

Cooper Kupp Fantasy Names
Cooper Kupp Fantasy Names

Cooper Kupp Fantasy Outlook

Kupp has outstanding hands, route running, and football IQ. He constantly gets things moving and makes what look like impossible catches. 

Kupp broke the NFL record in 2021 with 145 receptions and 1,947 receiving yards. He is an absolute PPR monster who will score points every week. 

The slot receiver is given priority in Sean McVay’s Rams offense, and Kupp excels in that capacity. As the center of attention in the passing game, he will have many targets to choose from. 

Kupp may benefit from defenses spreading the coverage now that Allen Robinson is on the team, which could allow him to score even more points.

Cooper Kupp Fantasy names

  • Cooper Kupp journey

Cooper Kupp’s path to the NFL is one of determination, willpower, and care. He was raised playing baseball, basketball, and football. He was born in Yakima, Washington. 

Despite being a standout player in high school, Division I colleges did not give him much of a chance to recruit. 

In the end, he decided to commit to an FCS (football championship subdivision) program at Eastern Washington University. 

At Eastern Washington, Kupp had a prosperous career and broke multiple school records. Besides being selected four times for the All-American team, he was the 2017 FCS Offensive Player of the Year. 

In the third round of the 2017 NFL Draft, Kupp was selected by the Los Angeles Rams following his senior year. 


  1. Kupp’s Groovy Gridiron Groove
  2. Funk Fusion with Cooper’s Fantasy
  3. Disco Dominance of Kupp
  4. Cooper’s Jazzy Touchdown Jam
  5. Kupp’s Funkadelic Fantasy Fiesta
  6. Boogie Nights with Cooper’s Plays
  7. Electric End Zone Eruptions with Kupp
  8. Kupp’s Lively Fantasy Beats
  9. Groovin’ with Cooper’s Gridiron Genius
  10. Kupp’s Jammin’ End Zone Jive


  1. Lit Up with Kupp’s Touchdown Blaze
  2. Gridiron Flames of Cooper’s Fire
  3. Kupp’s Firestorm Fantasy Fury
  4. Blazing Trails to the End Zone with Cooper
  5. Inferno Plays with Kupp
  6. Cooper’s Lit Gridiron Legacy
  7. Touchdowns Aflame with Kupp
  8. The Fireworks of Cooper’s Fantasy
  9. Scorching End Zone Expeditions with Kupp
  10. Cooper’s Blaze of Glory


  1. Mythical Plays of Cooper
  2. Dragon’s Lair End Zone Expeditions with Kupp
  3. Kupp’s Fantasy Quest in the Mythical Realm
  4. Enchanted Gridiron Legends with Cooper
  5. Cooper’s Mythical Mastery
  6. Dragonfire Touchdowns with Kupp
  7. Mystical Moments with Cooper
  8. Legends Awakened by Kupp’s Plays
  9. Fantasy Realm of Cooper’s Touchdowns
  10. The Mythical Touchdown Chronicles with Kupp


  1. Kupp’s Stellar Touchdown Odyssey
  2. Gridiron Galaxy with Cooper’s Touch
  3. Space Jammin’ with Kupp
  4. Extraterrestrial End Zone Excursions
  5. Cooper’s Cosmic Touchdown Quest
  6. Interstellar Plays with Kupp
  7. Kupp’s Galactic Gridiron Glory
  8. Touchdowns Across the Universe with Cooper
  9. Kupp’s Celestial Fantasy Feats
  10. Starship Touchdowns with Cooper


  1. Kupp’s Pirate Booty Touchdown
  2. Gridiron Pirates with Cooper’s Crew
  3. Swashbuckling Touchdown Adventures
  4. Buccaneer’s Bounty with Kupp
  5. Sea Dogs of Cooper
  6. Kupp’s Plundering Fantasy Crew
  7. Pieces of Eight in the End Zone
  8. Pirate’s Loot with Cooper Kupp
  9. Kupp’s Buccaneer Gridiron Raid
  10. Sailing for Touchdowns with Cooper


  1. Kupp’s Wizardry Touchdown Spells
  2. Gridiron Sorcery of Cooper’s Magic
  3. Wizard’s Whirlwind with Kupp
  4. Enchanted End Zone Enchantments
  5. Cooper’s Fantasy Wizard Quest
  6. Magical Plays with Kupp
  7. Kupp’s Sorcerer Gridiron Mastery
  8. Touchdowns Conjured by Wizards
  9. Wizard’s Wand Wave with Cooper
  10. Kupp’s Mystical Fantasy Realm

Space Odyssey🚀

  1. Kupp’s Galactic Touchdown Odyssey
  2. Gridiron Astronauts with Cooper
  3. Space Jammin’ Touchdowns with Kupp
  4. Celestial End Zone Expeditions
  5. Cooper’s Cosmic Fantasy Quest
  6. Interstellar Plays with Kupp
  7. Kupp’s Space Odyssey Gridiron Mastery
  8. Touchdowns Across the Galaxy
  9. Stellar Fantasy Feats with Cooper
  10. Kupp’s Rocket Arm Launchpad

Time Warp

  1. Kupp’s Temporal Touchdown Trek
  2. Gridiron Time Travelers with Cooper
  3. Time-Bending Plays of Kupp
  4. Temporal End Zone Expeditions
  5. Cooper’s Fantasy Time Warp
  6. Chrono-Plays with Kupp
  7. Kupp’s Temporal Gridiron Mastery
  8. Touchdowns Across the Ages
  9. Cooper’s Time Travel Fantasy Quest
  10. Temporal Turf Adventures with Kupp


  1. Kupp’s Inferno Touchdown Legion
  2. Gridiron Underworld with Cooper
  3. Hellfire Plays of Kupp
  4. Infernal End Zone Exploits
  5. Cooper’s Fantasy Underworld Quest
  6. Demonic Plays with Kupp
  7. Kupp’s Infernal Gridiron Mastery
  8. Touchdowns from the Abyss
  9. Cooper’s Underworld Fantasy Feats
  10. Diabolical Maneuvers with Kupp

Pixel Power🎮

  1. Kupp’s 8-Bit Touchdown Pixelation
  2. Gridiron Gamers with Cooper
  3. Virtual Plays of Kupp
  4. Digital End Zone Exploits
  5. Cooper’s Fantasy Gaming Quest
  6. Pixelated Plays with Kupp
  7. Kupp’s Virtual Gridiron Mastery
  8. Touchdowns in the Pixel Realm
  9. Cooper’s Gaming Fantasy Feats
  10. Gamer’s Delight with Kupp

Mystical Moon🌙

  1. Kupp’s Lunar Touchdown Enchantment
  2. Gridiron Moonwalkers with Cooper
  3. Moonlit Plays of Kupp
  4. Celestial End Zone Exploits
  5. Cooper’s Fantasy Moonlight Quest
  6. Lunar Plays with Kupp
  7. Kupp’s Lunar Gridiron Mastery
  8. Touchdowns Under the Moon
  9. Cooper’s Moonlit Fantasy Feats
  10. Lunar Landing with Kupp


  1. Kupp’s Apocalypse Touchdown Legion
  2. Gridiron Survivors with Cooper
  3. Cataclysmic Plays of Kupp
  4. Apocalyptic End Zone Exploits
  5. Cooper’s Fantasy Apocalypse Quest
  6. Post-Apocalyptic Plays with Kupp
  7. Kupp’s Apocalypse Gridiron Mastery
  8. Touchdowns in the Wasteland
  9. Cooper’s Apocalyptic Fantasy Feats
  10. Doomsday Maneuvers with Kupp

Safari Adventure🦓

  1. Kupp’s Safari Touchdown Expedition
  2. Gridiron Explorers with Cooper
  3. Wild Plays of the Savanna with Kupp
  4. Safari Zone End Zone Excursions
  5. Cooper’s Fantasy Safari Quest
  6. Jungle Plays with Kupp
  7. Kupp’s Safari Gridiron Mastery
  8. Touchdowns in the Wild Wilderness
  9. Cooper’s Savanna Fantasy Feats
  10. Safari Squad with Kupp

Magician’s Apprentice🎩

  1. Kupp’s Enchanted Touchdown Spells
  2. Gridiron Magicians with Cooper
  3. Apprentice Plays of Magical Kupp
  4. Mystical End Zone Exploits
  5. Cooper’s Fantasy Magic Quest
  6. Sorcerer’s Plays with Kupp
  7. Kupp’s Magical Gridiron Mastery
  8. Touchdowns Conjured by Apprentices
  9. Cooper’s Enchanted Fantasy Feats
  10. Wizard’s Whimsy with Kupp

Stealth Ops🕵️‍

  1. Kupp’s Gridiron Stealth Operations
  2. Covert Operatives with Cooper
  3. Stealthy Plays of Kupp
  4. Shadowy End Zone Infiltrations
  5. Cooper’s Fantasy Stealth Quest
  6. Undercover Plays with Kupp
  7. Kupp’s Stealth Gridiron Mastery
  8. Touchdowns in the Shadows
  9. Cooper’s Covert Fantasy Feats
  10. Infiltration with Kupp

High Voltage

  1. Kupp’s Electric End Zone Shock
  2. Gridiron Voltage with Cooper
  3. Electrifying Plays of Kupp
  4. High Voltage End Zone Exploits
  5. Cooper’s Fantasy Electric Surge
  6. Thunderstruck Plays with Kupp
  7. Kupp’s High Voltage Gridiron Mastery
  8. Touchdowns Charged with Electricity
  9. Cooper’s Voltage Fantasy Feats
  10. Shock and Awe with Kupp

Heist Masters💎

  1. Kupp’s Gridiron Heist Masters
  2. Jewel Thieves with Cooper
  3. Heist Plays of Kupp
  4. Grand Larceny End Zone Exploits
  5. Cooper’s Fantasy Heist Quest
  6. Caper Plays with Kupp
  7. Kupp’s Heist Gridiron Mastery
  8. Touchdowns Stolen in Style
  9. Cooper’s Grand Theft Fantasy Feats
  10. The Perfect Score with Kupp

Parallel Universe🌌

  1. Kupp’s Parallel Touchdown Realms
  2. Gridiron Travelers with Cooper
  3. Plays Across Parallel Universes with Kupp
  4. Interdimensional End Zone Exploits
  5. Cooper’s Fantasy Universe Quest
  6. Multiverse Plays with Kupp
  7. Kupp’s Parallel Gridiron Mastery
  8. Touchdowns Beyond Space and Time
  9. Cooper’s Multiversal Fantasy Feats
  10. Quantum Maneuvers with Kupp

How the player Cooper Kupp can play an important role in your fantasy team?

  • Not only is Coopеr Kupp thе MVP of thе Supеr Bowl and thе currеnt Offеnsivе Playеr of thе Yеar, but he is also an outstanding fantasy football playеr. 
  • His еxcеptional ability, track rеcord of succеss, and rapport with thе Rams offеnsе makе him a valuablе part of any tеam that is compеting for a championship. 
  • Although it might be difficult to match his 2021 rеcord-brеaking sеason (145 rеcеptions, 1,947 yards), Kupp routinеly posts outstanding stats. 
  • This sеason, hе is еxpеctеd to catch ovеr 100 passеs for 1,300 yards, a stat most rеcеivеrs would bе jеalous of. 
  • Kupp’s domain is PPR lеaguеs. 
  • His high volumе of rеcеptions and skillеd contеstеd catch tеchniquе guarantее a wееkly PPR fеast for him, еarning important points with еach grab.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Cooper Kupp good for fantasy football?

Yes, Kupp remains exceptional, with the potential to be a top-5 receiver. With McVay’s confidence and experience (more than 100 receptions, more than 1300 yards per game), he is a PPR monster.

Q. How many rings does Cooper Kupp have?

As of right now, Cooper Kupp has one Super Bowl ring.

Q. What position is Cooper Kupp?

In the NFL, Cooper Kupp takes up the wide receiver (WR) position. He plays near the center of the field when consistent in the slot position, but depending on the offensive formation, he can also line up on the outside.

Q. How many career games has Cooper Kupp played?

As of today, 2023, Cooper Kupp has participated in 91 games throughout his career. Both the regular season and the playoffs fall under this.

Q. How many years has Cooper Kupp been in the league?

Cooper Kupp has 7 years of NFL experience. In the 2017 NFL Draft, he was selected by the Los Angeles Rams in the third round, making this his seventh season overall.

Final Note

A Cooper Kupp fantasy names that is just right could make all the difference for your fantasy football team. 

Whether you go for wordplay, comedy, or paying tribute to his on-field skill, coming up with a unique team name will add to the fun of playing fantasy football. 

So, use your imagination and get ready for an exciting fantasy football season with your squad that has a unique name.

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