Lamar Jackson Fantasy Names for 2024 (Unique, amazing, attractive, funny, and more)

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Searching for entertaining and flexible Lamar Jackson fantasy names to add a little creativity to your roster? There is nowhere else to go. 

Whether you are a first-time manager or an experienced fantasy football fan, picking a team with the right name will improve the experience.

Lamar Jackson fantasy names
Lamar Jackson fantasy names

Lamar Jackson Fantasy Outlook

Lamar is still a nightmare for opposing teams. It is almost impossible for most quarterbacks to match his pace of over 800 rushing yards and 10 rushing touchdowns. He is always a threat because of his legs, which also create passing lanes. 

Never undervalue Lamar’s arm. In terms of attempts and yards, he is headed for career highs, and his completion percentage of 71.5% would rank fifth in NFL history. He is becoming a fully-fledged quarterback. 

With more O-line depth, Lamar will have more time to perform his magic and, ideally, less chance of injury. The Ravens’ playoff schedule is comparatively easy, with possible opponents including the Browns and Jaguars. Lamar has a lot of fun in these games.

Lamar Jackson Fantasy names

  • Lamar Jackson journey

Lamar Jackson has an incredible talent, a strong will, and a firm spirit. Major programs ignored the Florida sandlots where young Lamar developed his skills. 

He takes the chance Louisville gave him. He broke records, dazzled spectators with his incredible athleticism, and took home the 2016 Heisman Trophy. 

Lamar was drafted 32nd overall in 2018 but his “running QB” style was questioned. Yet, his transforming play silenced his opponents and transformed the quarterback position. 

With his dual-threat ability, he won the 2019 NFL MVP award and helped the Ravens advance to the playoffs. New difficulties have been brought about by injuries and changing defensive strategies. 

Lamar is still adjusting and getting better at passing the ball while keeping up his explosive running style.


  1. Lamar’s Lively End Zone Groove
  2. Funk Fusion with Lamar’s Fantasy
  3. Jackson’s Jazzy Touchdown Jam
  4. Gridiron Funkadelic with Lamar
  5. Electric Lamar Dance Party
  6. Boogie Nights with Jackson’s Plays
  7. Lamar’s Funky Fresh Fantasy
  8. Touchdown Turf Tango with Jackson
  9. Groovin’ Gridiron Genius Lamar
  10. Jackson’s Jammin’ End Zone Jive


  1. Lit Up Lamar’s Touchdown Blaze
  2. Gridiron Flames of Action Jackson
  3. Jackson’s Firestorm Fantasy Fury
  4. Blazing Trails to Lamar’s End Zone
  5. Inferno Plays with Action Jackson
  6. Lamar’s Lit Gridiron Legacy
  7. Touchdowns Aflame with Jackson
  8. The Fireworks of Lamar’s Fantasy
  9. Scorching End Zone Expeditions with Action
  10. Jackson’s Blaze of Glory on the Field


  1. Mythical Plays of Lamar
  2. Dragon’s Lair End Zone Expeditions with Jackson
  3. Lamar’s Fantasy Quest in the Gridiron Realm
  4. Enchanted Gridiron Legends of Jackson
  5. Jackson’s Mythical Mastery on the Field
  6. Dragonfire Touchdowns with Lamar
  7. Mystical Moments with Action Jackson
  8. Legends Awakened by Lamar’s Plays
  9. Fantasy Realm of Jackson’s Magic
  10. The Mythical Touchdown Chronicles with Lamar


  1. Lamar’s Stellar Touchdown Odyssey
  2. Gridiron Galaxy with Action Jackson
  3. Space Jammin’ with Lamar
  4. Extraterrestrial End Zone Excursions
  5. Jackson’s Cosmic Touchdown Quest
  6. Interstellar Plays with Action Jackson
  7. Lamar’s Galactic Gridiron Glory
  8. Touchdowns Across the Universe
  9. Jackson’s Celestial Fantasy Feats
  10. Lamar’s Rocket Arm Launchpad


  1. Lamar’s End Zone Buccaneer Bash
  2. Gridiron Pirates of Action Jackson
  3. Pirate’s Plunder with Lamar
  4. Swashbuckling Touchdown Adventures
  5. Jackson’s Buccaneer Booty Hunt
  6. High Seas Plays with Action Jackson
  7. Lamar’s Pirate Gridiron Raid
  8. Touchdowns on the Seven Seas
  9. Jackson’s Plundering Fantasy Crew
  10. Buccaneer’s Bounty with Lamar


  1. Lamar’s Wizardry Touchdown Spells
  2. Gridiron Sorcery of Action Jackson
  3. Wizard’s Whirlwind with Lamar
  4. Enchanted End Zone Enchantments
  5. Jackson’s Fantasy Wizard Quest
  6. Magical Plays with Action Jackson
  7. Lamar’s Sorcerer Gridiron Mastery
  8. Touchdowns Conjured by Wizards
  9. Jackson’s Mystical Fantasy Realm
  10. Wizard’s Wand Wave with Lamar

Wild West🤠

  1. Lamar’s Rodeo Touchdown Roundup
  2. Gridiron Cowboys with Action Jackson
  3. Wild West Showdowns of Lamar
  4. Bronco-Busting End Zone Exploits
  5. Jackson’s Frontier Fantasy Feats
  6. Gunslinger Plays with Action Jackson
  7. Lamar’s Outlaw Gridiron Glory
  8. Touchdowns on the Western Range
  9. Jackson’s Wild West Fantasy Stampede
  10. Rattlesnake Shake with Lamar


  1. Lamar’s Silent Touchdown Strike
  2. Gridiron Ninjas with Action Jackson
  3. Ninja Stealth Moves of Lamar
  4. Shadowy End Zone Infiltrations
  5. Jackson’s Fantasy Ninja Quest
  6. Shuriken Plays with Action Jackson
  7. Lamar’s Ninja Gridiron Mastery
  8. Touchdowns from the Shadows
  9. Jackson’s Ninja Fantasy Arsenal
  10. Silent Strike with Lamar


  1. Lamar’s Super Touchdown Squadron
  2. Gridiron Heroes with Action Jackson
  3. Superpower Plays of Lamar
  4. Heroic End Zone Exploits
  5. Jackson’s Fantasy Superhero Quest
  6. Action-packed Plays with Action Jackson
  7. Lamar’s Super Gridiron Glory
  8. Touchdowns from the Super Realm
  9. Jackson’s Heroic Fantasy Feats
  10. Super Showdown with Lamar


  1. Lamar’s Monster Touchdown Rampage
  2. Gridiron Monsters with Action Jackson
  3. Monster Mash with Lamar
  4. Terrifying End Zone Takedowns
  5. Jackson’s Fantasy Monster Hunt
  6. Beastly Plays with Action Jackson
  7. Lamar’s Monster Gridiron Domination
  8. Touchdowns Unleashed by Monsters
  9. Jackson’s Monster Fantasy Frenzy
  10. Monstrous Maneuvers with Lamar


  1. Lamar’s Renaissance Touchdown Revelry
  2. Gridiron Artists with Action Jackson
  3. Renaissance Plays of Lamar
  4. Masterpiece End Zone Exhibitions
  5. Jackson’s Fantasy Renaissance Quest
  6. Artistic Plays with Action Jackson
  7. Lamar’s Gridiron Renaissance Opus
  8. Touchdowns in the Renaissance Realm
  9. Jackson’s Artful Fantasy Feats
  10. Renaissance Revel with Lamar


  1. Lamar’s Zombie Touchdown Apocalypse
  2. Gridiron Zombies with Action Jackson
  3. Zombie Shuffle with Lamar
  4. Apocalyptic End Zone Invasions
  5. Jackson’s Fantasy Zombie Quest
  6. Undead Plays with Action Jackson
  7. Lamar’s Zombie Gridiron Domination
  8. Touchdowns from the Undead Zone
  9. Jackson’s Zombie Fantasy Horde
  10. Apocalyptic Maneuvers with Lamar


  1. Lamar’s Espionage End Zone
  2. Gridiron Spies with Action Jackson
  3. Covert Touchdown Operations
  4. Undercover Plays of Lamar
  5. Jackson’s Fantasy Spy Mission
  6. Secret Agent Moves with Action Jackson
  7. Lamar’s Infiltration Gridiron
  8. Touchdowns Behind Enemy Lines
  9. Jackson’s Spy Thriller Fantasy
  10. Classified Gridiron Feats with Lamar

Time Travel🕰️

  1. Lamar’s Temporal Touchdown Trek
  2. Gridiron Time Travelers with Jackson
  3. Time-Bending Plays of Action
  4. Temporal End Zone Expeditions
  5. Jackson’s Fantasy Time Warp
  6. Chrono-Plays with Lamar
  7. Lamar’s Time Travel Gridiron Mastery
  8. Touchdowns Across the Ages
  9. Jackson’s Time Travel Fantasy Quest
  10. Temporal Turf Adventures with Lamar

Mythical Creatures🐉

  1. Lamar’s Mythical Touchdown Beasts
  2. Gridiron Creatures with Action Jackson
  3. Legendary Plays of Lamar
  4. Enchanted End Zone Encounters
  5. Jackson’s Fantasy Creature Quest
  6. Mythical Beasts with Action Jackson
  7. Lamar’s Mythical Gridiron Realm
  8. Touchdowns of Mythical Proportions
  9. Jackson’s Legendary Fantasy Feats
  10. Creatures Unleashed with Lamar


  1. Lamar’s Gridiron Detective Agency
  2. Gridiron Sleuths with Action Jackson
  3. Investigative Plays of Lamar
  4. Clue-Seeking End Zone Adventures
  5. Jackson’s Fantasy Detective Chronicles
  6. Undercover Plays with Action Jackson
  7. Lamar’s Mystery Gridiron Mastery
  8. Touchdowns Unraveled by Detectives
  9. Jackson’s Detective Fantasy Quest
  10. Whodunit in the End Zone with Lamar


  1. Lamar’s Steampunk Touchdown Contraption
  2. Gridiron Inventors with Action Jackson
  3. Steam-Powered Plays of Lamar
  4. Gear-Driven End Zone Exploits
  5. Jackson’s Fantasy Steampunk Adventure
  6. Clockwork Plays with Action Jackson
  7. Lamar’s Steampunk Gridiron Mastery
  8. Touchdowns in the Clockwork Realm
  9. Jackson’s Steampunk Fantasy Quest
  10. Mechanized Gridiron Feats with Lamar

Magical Forest🌲

  1. Lamar’s Enchanted Forest Touchdown
  2. Gridiron Druids with Action Jackson
  3. Mystical Plays of the Forest Realm
  4. Faerie-Touched End Zone Exploits
  5. Jackson’s Fantasy Forest Odyssey
  6. Woodland Plays with Action Jackson
  7. Lamar’s Magical Forest Gridiron
  8. Touchdowns in the Faerie Glade
  9. Jackson’s Forest Fantasy Quest
  10. Forest Spirits and Lamar’s Touchdowns

How the player Lamar Jackson can play an important role in your fantasy team?

  • Jackson’s ability to score fantasy points has been consistent. 
  • He always delivers strong fantasy output, whether it is using running touchdowns, passing touchdowns, or a mix of the two. 
  • In fantasy football, it is all about consistency, and having a quarterback like Jackson who can contribute regularly will keep your team in the hunt.
  • Lamar Jackson has a reputation for making huge plays. On any given play, he can score a lot of fantasy points due to his powerful arm and ability to break off long runs. 
  • With this big-play potential, you could win a matchup on your through your amazing fantasy performances.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Lamar Jackson good for fantasy?

Ans: Yes, in fantasy football, Lamar Jackson can be a very valuable player. He is a dual-threat quarterback who can run the ball well and pass well separates him as a special and exciting fantasy asset.

Q. How many fantasy points does Lamar Jackson average?

Ans: Lamar is 5th among quarterbacks this year, averaging a career-high 22.7 points. He is a rushing beast who can also add a safe floor to his increasingly proficient passing.

Q. What is Lamar Jackson famous for?

Ans: Lamar Jackson is a well-known NFL dual-threat quarterback who has become known for his explosive running style as well as his improved passing abilities.

Q. Is Lamar a good fantasy pick?

Ans: Depending, He is high-reward, high-risk. While his rushing efficiency makes certain respectable points, his history of injuries and irregular passing difficulties can be discouraging. He can win you weeks if you can take risks, but there are safer options.

Q. Where does Lamar Jackson rank in fantasy football?

Ans: As of Week 16 of the 2023 season, Lamar Jackson is presently rated fifth among quarterbacks in fantasy football.

Final Note

Choosing a memorable and different Lamar Jackson fantasy names will spice up your fantasy football gameplay. 

The possibilities are endless, ranging from puns to player references. Now go ahead and choose a name that best represents your team spirit, and get ready to take on your fantasy league.

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