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In the field of professional sports, people frequently express strong opinions, and doubts, and are quite interested in players’ personal lives. This is also true for Dak Prescott girlfriend, the quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. He is a star player and many fans ask about who is Dak Prescott’s girlfriend, who Is he dating, or who is his true love.

Prescott’s name has been linked to rising LSU star Jadyn Jannasch following his highly publicized split from longtime partner Natalie Buffett. 

Let’s find out and uncover all there is to know about Jadyn Jannasch, the woman who has stolen Dak Prescott’s heart.

Dak Prescott Girlfriend Jadyn Jannasch

Louisiana State University swimmer Jadyn Jannasch and Dak Prescott are rumored to be dating. The exact start date of their relationship is unknown, but they were actively involved during the holiday season.

Jadyn and Prescott met through Jadyn’s father, Jeff Jannasch, who owns a mortgage company in Texas that collaborated with the Cowboys. 

Jadyn Jannasch in swimsuit dress
Jadyn Jannasch in swimsuit dress

While some sources suggest that Prescott considers their relationship a rebound, they are still together. Although no official confirmation has been provided to the public. They have not made any public statements confirming their romance. 

In April 2023, Jadyn celebrated her birthday in a lavish manner that generated considerable surprise when she shared hotel room photos on social media.

How did Dak Prescott and Jadyn Jannasch meet?

While the exact details of how Dak Prescott and Jadyn Jannasch met are unknown, sources indicate that they were quite involved during the holiday period. 

Dak prescott with her rumored girlfriend Jadyn Jannasch
Dak Prescott with her girlfriend Jadyn Jannasch

Jadyn, being from Dallas, accompanied some of her teammates to watch Prescott play in a few games throughout the season. It is believed that they were introduced through Jadyn’s father, Jeff Jannasch, who operates a mortgage company in Texas that has collaborated with the Cowboys.

Jadyn Jannasch Early Life

A swimmer for Louisiana State University and the hot model Jadyn Jannasch has now become a famous personality. She was born on 2 April 2002 and is from Frisco, Texas, in the Dallas area. Jadyn grew up in a well-established family so she had a very good environment.

Jadyn Jannasch having fun outside
Jadyn Jannasch having fun outside

Jadyn’s full name is Jadyn Lane Jannasch. She has a big interest in sports from her childhood. She started participating in the swimming competitions in her high school days.

Jadyn was drawn to LSU for its remarkable atmosphere, dedicated coaches, and the opportunity to swim alongside her brother. Jadyn is pursuing a degree in mass communication and has a distinguished collegiate academic record.

She received recognition on the SEC’s First Year Academic Roll and secured a commendable third place in the 100-yard breaststroke during a swim meet against Tulane and Vanderbilt.

Jadyn Jannasch Family

Jadyn Jannasch’s parents are Jana and Jeffrey Jannasch. Jana is 56 years old and was born in January 1967, whereas Jeffrey is 51 years old and was born in April 1971. Since March 2009, Jeffrey has held the positions of owner and executive vice president at Town Square Mortgage. 

Before that, he worked with Americahomekey and BankSource Mortgage as an Executive Vice President and Branch Manager. Jana, on the other hand, devotes her time to standing as a protector for children in need as a CASA volunteer.

Currently, Jadyn’s parents are divorced. They reportedly filed for divorce in January 2021. Jadyn has also a sibling, Jack Jannasch. He is also at LSU and is an active swimmer.

Jadyn Jannasch Education

Jadyn completed her high school from Frisco High School. She was the three-time junior national qualifier. Later she joined Louisiana State University in 2020.

Currently, Jadyn Jannasch is working toward a degree in mass communication. She completed her high school education at Frisco before enrolling at LSU. 

During her time there, Jadyn showcased her talent and dedication in swimming by qualifying for the junior nationals on three separate occasions. 

She received the first team state award for four consecutive years, highlighting her exceptional performance and contribution to her high school swim team. Jadyn’s achievements in both academics and swimming demonstrate her commitment to excelling in her studies and pursuing her passion for the sport.

Jadyn Jannasch Career

Dak Prescott girlfriend Jadyn Jannasch started swimming in high school and made it to the First Team State for four years. She also qualified for Junior Nationals three times.

Jadyn Jannasch at photoshoot wearing black dress
Jadyn Jannasch at photoshoot wearing black dress

In college, at Louisiana State University, Jadyn competed in the SEC Championships. 

She swam in three events, the 50-yard freestyle, 100 breaststrokes, and 200 breaststrokes. She has not won a medal in the SEC Championships yet for these events, but she has won medals in other competitions.

Jadyn Jannasch Profession

Jadyn Jannasch does many things. She is a fashion model, a swimmer, and a sports player. She is also popular on social media and appears in the news sometimes. 

Jadyn Jannasch in swimming pool
Jadyn Jannasch in swimming pool

Besides all that, she is a businessperson too. She is good at different things and keeps herself busy with various activities.

Jadyn Jannasch Net Worth

As a student-athlete, Dak Prescott girlfriend Jannasch’s net worth overall estimated is currently $800K as of 2023. Her primary sources of income include her allowance and occasional part-time jobs if she takes on any work outside of her studies and swimming.

Her father’s company has been quite successful, with an annual revenue of $23.7 million. We should say that someone’s net worth can vary independently of family wealth, and Jadyn’s financial situation may change as she pursues her education and career in swimming.

How old is Jadyn Jannasch ?

Jadyn Jannasch’s age is 21 as of now 2023, born on April 2, 2002.

Jadyn had decided to attend the university swimming team so that she could swim with her brother, Jack. This decision shows her love and passion for the game, and her desire to play at the college level, and it also maintains a connection to her family. 

Jadyn has the chance to bond with her brother through the competitive swimming world by competing on the same team, supporting one another, and making lifelong memories.

What is Jadyn Jannasch’s Height?

Jadyn Jannasch grabs the attention for her athletic build she stands at a height of 5 feet 5 inches along with her weight of 55 kg. She has already made fame for herself as a famous swimmer athlete in her very short time frame. 

Jadyn Jannasch Figure
Jadyn Jannasch Figure

Jadyn has built a reputation in the sports industry through her dedication, commitment, effort, and talent. Peers, coaches, and spectators together have recognized and respected her achievements and efforts in her field. 

Jadyn’s determination and passion for her athletic endeavors have driven her to success, demonstrating that talent, perseverance, and a fierce sense of competition are also important factors in sports success in addition to physical ability.

Jadyn Jannasch Ethnicity 

Dak Prescott girlfriend, Jadyn Jannasch, is White or Caucasian in ethnicity.  

The term Caucasian or White, which often refers to people of European, Middle Eastern, or North African origin, is used to describe Jadyn. 

Jadyn Jannasch Religion

Considering the lack of information regarding Jadyn Jannasch’s precise religious beliefs, it has been claimed that she is a Christian. 

Jadyn likely holds to the fundamental beliefs and ideals of Christianity, such as belief in Jesus Christ, the Bible as a sacred scripture, and participation in Christian rites and customs, if she identifies as a Christian. 

Jadyn Jannasch Social Media

Jadyn Jannasch wearing only dallas cowboys jacket
Jadyn Jannasch wearing only Dallas Cowboys jacket

Jadyn Jannasch Instagram

Jadyn Jannasch Twitter

Jadyn Jannasch has garnered a big following on Instagram, captivating thousands with her stunning photos that showcase her impressive physique. As a rising star on the LSU swimming team, she is quickly establishing herself as a notable influencer. 

Jadyn recently delighted her fans by sharing lovely photos of her hotel room, which caused a flurry of happy comments from fans. 

NFL fans have taken notice of her social media activity, following in the footsteps of previous well-known girlfriends who have had a significant online presence.

Who is Dak Prescott?

Dak Prescott is a quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys and the NFL and plays for the team. Dak Prescott’s age is 31 and he was born in Sulphur, Louisiana, on 29th July 1993, had a standout college football career at Mississippi State, and twice made the first-team All-SEC. At the 2016 NFL Draft, the Cowboys selected him in the fourth round.  

Prescott has experienced several severe losses in his personal life, including the 2013 death of his mother Peggy from colon cancer. He founded the Faith Fight Finish Foundation, which aids numerous philanthropic initiatives, in memory of his mother. 

Prescott received the 2022 Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year award and is a supporter of mental health awareness.

Dak Prescott Ex-Girlfriend

Before his relationship with Jadyn Jannasch, Dak Prescott dated Natalie Buffett, an Instagram model and social media influencer. Natalie pursued her studies in civil engineering at Southern Methodist University. 

She has an estimated net worth of $1 million and a large following on social media as a result of her modeling profession. 

In 2020, the couple started dating, and Buffett’s social media post of them together provided an official confirmation of their union.  Although they reportedly separated in March 2022, the news did not become public until January 2023.

Dak Prescott Girlfriend facts

Jadyn Jannasch, known for her achievements as an athlete, has a few lesser-known facts about her personal choices. 

  • It is worth noting that Jadyn does consume alcohol and is known to drink. 
  • She is also a smoker. 
  • Jadyn Jannasch is also a top-class model. She has a very attractive figure.
  • Jadyn has been very much interested in sports since her childhood.
  • Her father supported her very much in her career.
  • It is also said that it was her father who introduced Jadyn to Dak Prescott

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Dak still married?

Ans: No, Dak Prescott is not married as of September 2023. Recent reports say Dak Prescott’s girlfriend is Jadyn Jannasch.

Q. What is Dak Prescott’s age?

Ans: Dak Prescott’s age is 31 years old, as of 2023. He was born on July 29, 1993, in Sulphur, Louisiana.

Q. Is Dak Prescott a billionaire?

Ans: Dak Prescott is not a billionaire. Estimated Dak Prescott’s net worth is around $70 million which is a considerable sum of money but we can’t say this is to turn him into a billionaire.

Q. Does Dak have tattoos?

Ans: Dak Prescott is a tattooed man. On his right thigh, he has a big tattoo that honors his mother and brother, both of whom went away.

Q. How many games has Dak won?

Ans: In his career, Dak Prescott has won 61 games, including two playoff contests. He has a 61-36 career record.

Jadyn Jannasch Dak Prescott’s New Love

Dak Prescott’s girlfriend, Jadyn Jannasch, has captured the attention of fans and media alike. As a swimmer from Louisiana State University, Jadyn brings her own achievements and interests to the relationship. 

Although their romance may have started as a rebound, they continue to be together. While Dak Prescott’s ex-girlfriend, Natalie Buffett, remains a part of his past, Jadyn has become an important figure in his present. 

As their relationship unfolds, fans and media will undoubtedly continue to follow their journey.

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