Fans Criticized Tom Brady For His Controversial Statements

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Sports fans furious with former quarterback Tom Brady’s controversial news

Horse racing fans tuning into NBC’s coverage of the Kentucky Derby this week got something unexpected: NFL former quarterback Tom Brady compared himself to Secretariat, the most prominent horse in history.

This year was the 50th anniversary of Secretariat’s famous Kentucky Derby and Triple Crown run. And leading up to Sunday’s race, NBC called on Tom Brady to deliver a monologue in which he compared his career to Secretariat.

Tom Brady

Brady begins the story by saying “I want to tell you a story about fate, It takes place in 1969. Two horse breeders have an agreement. They’ll flip a coin. The winner will get the first choice of two foals, or baby horses. The loser will get their choice the next year. A woman named Penny, funny enough, is one of the owners. And she loses the coin toss. And a year later in 1970, only one foal was born. And that’s how she ends up with a young horse called Secretariat.”

Tom Brady compared that coin toss to the twist of fate that put him on the field in the first place.

“Now I want to tell you another story about luck. It happens about 30 years later,” said Brady. “A kid you might recognize is sitting on the bench in New England, one of the best quarterbacks in the league. But then that QB gets hurt, and the kid gets his shot to go in.

“Now perhaps Secretariat would have become Secretariat even if it had a different owner, a different trainer, a different jockey. And I probably would have found my way into the lineup even if my good friend Drew Bledsoe hadn’t gotten hurt on the field that day. But I do know that the way it worked out for both of us felt like luck.

It was a really interesting comparison, but the entire sports world really wasn’t too thrilled about the monologue. In fact, people went furious over the strange comparison of Tom Brady in the Secretariat story.

Here are some reactions from fans:

It is worth noting that Brady in his monologue has some particular praise for Secretariat, saying, “When it comes to all times, Secretariat stands alone,” adding that he was “envious” of the horse’s dominance. But people were still not happy with Brady’s statement.

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