Fans gave a shocking reply to Tom Brady’s warning message

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Tom Brady’s warning message to NFL Players

Tom Brady is known to be one of the most legendary players in NFL history. He has played 23 seasons in NFL and has a record of winning seven super bowls. He is considered to be the greatest quarterback in NFL history.

6Recently Brady sent a warning message to the NFL players. The message was regarding gambling and cheating in games but fans took it another way and remind him of his own time. Fans gave him a savage reply to his warning message.

According to Mike Klis of 9News, Tom Brady taped NFL’s gambling educational video. Brady recorded the video for NFL gambling education and discussed a lot of things. This video has been clearly shown to each team as part of their scheduled gambling sessions.

Tom Brady
Tom Brady

Many teams regularly organize gambling sessions for their players. Gambling seminars are held at both the team’s rookie minicamp and training camp. 

The NFL has many previous records of gambling issues and they have suspended many players. The NFL has issued suspensions to C.J. Moore, Quintez Cephus, Shaka Toney, Jameson Williams and Stanley Berryhill for violating NFL’s gambling policy. 

In the video, Brady clearly explained how gambling affects the integrity of games. 

Here is the detailed explanation from 9News:  

In his video message, Brady – widely considered the greatest quarterback, and therefore the greatest player, in NFL history – talks about his love of football and how the opportunity to play in the NFL was a privilege of a lifetime. He then says betting on NFL games hurts the integrity of the league and the reputation of everyone on your team and it’s just not worth it.

Brady, who just retired from a 23-year playing career that included a record seven Super Bowl championships and nearly all the significant career passing marks, also emphasizes how the players worked too hard to get the NFL to let one bad decision ruin the opportunity – not just for you, the player, but your teammates and tomorrow’s players.

Star quarterback Tom Brady
Star quarterback Tom Brady

Dov Kleiman tweeted: 

Update: The NFL recruited legendary QB Tom Brady to deliver a powerful message to players amid Gambling fallout via video

Brady emphasized how playing in the NFL is a privilege of a lifetime and stressed that betting on NFL games not only undermines the integrity of the league but also tarnishes the reputation of everyone associated with the team.

Brady said that risking it all for a bet is simply not worth it, per @mikeklis.

But NFL fans think it’s hypocritical for Brady to talk about following the rules because he was at the center of “Deflategate.”

After the news went viral, fans immediately started to react to it.

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Ain’t this the same guy who deflated balls against Peyton Manning and the Colts? Did that not undermine the integrity of the game? one fan said.

“Tom Brady, known rule follower,” one fan sarcastically replied to the tweet.

“He is literally named in a massive lawsuit for lying to people and encouraging them to put their life savings into crypto like BFFR tom stop being such a teachers pet,” another fan said.

Gambling has been a big problem in NFL as many records have been found. 

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