NFL world reacts to the poor Zach Wilson news

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Will Zach Wilson start this upcoming season? who knows?

This offseason the New York Jets signed former MVP Aaron Rodgers to their quarterback position. And it’s the best decision for the team because Zach Wilson was not going to be the answer this season.

A recent report from the New York Jets practice suggests that Zach Wilson had a “Poor” performance during the team’s red zone period that did not result in a touchdown and nearly ended in a turnover.

Zach Wilson poor performance in practice

“The Zach Wilson red zone period ends without a touchdown. Couple ugly throws in there, including a near INT off a deflection. #Jets,” Jets reporter Connor Hughes said in a tweet.

He also added some context to the situation, saying that Wilson “wildly missed” on his throws to the end zone during the period.

“The two passes he completed were check downs short of the end zone. He wildly missed on the other two,” Hughes said.

It’s not good news for the former No. 2 overall pick Zach Wilson, and the NFL world has mixed reactions to the updates:

“Please just cut him I’m so done with him I want him gone”, a fan reacted.

“He’s honestly one of the worst QB’s I’ve ever seen in my life. Probably a close second to Tebow”, another fan tweeted.

“Guys, it’s okay he has potential guys he’s not actually that awful”, a fan defended Wilson.

Two more years & the nightmare draft pick & contract is over, another fan said.

Hope, Zach Wilson will learn something from his mistakes and try to give his best for the team.

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