How much does an NFL position coach make in 2024?

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The NFL, which is widely known for its exciting football action, depends on a group of committed coaches to help players succeed. NFL position coach is among the most important in molding player abilities. Many people are interested in learning how much this coaching job pays. 

Let’s explore how much an NFL coach’s salary is.

How much does an NFL position coach make?

The yearly average salary for an NFL position coach ranges per season from $400,000 – $600,000, and all depends on their experience and performance. 

High-performer coaches earn a salary of $1 million or more annually, but another side of lower performers sometimes make about $300,000. 

The different pay scales found among NFL coaches are reflected in these numbers. 

How much does an NFL position coach make per hour?

In the United States, the average hourly pay for an NFL position coach as of 2024 is roughly $18.76. 

On the other hand, an additional source states that position coaches, coordinators, and other roles, generally earn an hourly wage of $21.69.

What factors affect an NFL position coach’s salary?

Many things may have an impact on an NFL coach’s pay, including

  • Experience

More experienced coaches typically attract higher salaries, especially those with a successful track record.

  • Position

Generally speaking, certain jobs like offensive or defensive coordinator pay more than others.

  • Team

Coaches are typically paid more by teams with bigger budgets and more successful past records.

  • Individual performance

Higher salaries are likely to be awarded to coaches who consistently put together winning teams on the field.

  • Head coach salary

Because there is frequently an order within the coaching staff, the head coach’s salary can also affect the position coach’s pay.

  • Market forces

Salary fluctuations can occur in any job, depending on the overall demand and supply for qualified coaches.

Top 5 highest-paid NFL coach

Since Bill Belichick is no longer an NFL coach, there has been a minor shift in the top 5 highest-paid coaches from the previous season. 

These are the top 5 as of right now.

1. Sean Payton (Denver Broncos)

Salary: $18 million per year 

After a trade with the Saints, Payton the current Super Bowl champion coach joined the Broncos. According to reports, his contract includes an important yearly salary.

Sean Payton
Sean Payton

2. Jim Harbaugh (Los Angeles Chargers)

Salary: $16 million per year 

With his recent contract with the Chargers that is extended, Harbaugh is now the second highest-paid NFL position coach.

Jim Harbaugh
Jim Harbaugh

3. Sean McVay (Los Angeles Rams)

Salary: $14 million per year 

McVay continues to earn a good amount of salary even after the Rams recent Super Bowl defeat.

Sean McVay
Sean McVay position coach

4. Mike Tomlin (Pittsburgh Steelers)

Salary: $12.5 million per year 

Longtime Steelers coach the best Mick Tomlin is still among the highest-paid in the league.

Mike Tomlin
Mike Tomlin

5. Andy Reid (Kansas City Chiefs) or John Harbaugh (Baltimore Ravens)

Salary: $12 million per year 

Reid and Harbaugh, these two each make $12 million a year and they ranked fifth-highest-paid position.

Andy Reid
Andy Reid

What is the difference between a head coach and an assistant coach?

The roles, responsibilities, and structures of head coaches and assistant coaches on a sports team are different.

Head Coach

  • Within the head staff, the NFL position coach is the highest-ranking official. They are in charge of the team’s management, strategy, as well as overall direction. 
  • Critical decisions, like play calling, changes, and game plans all are made by head coaches during games. They come up with both offensive and defensive plans.
  • They are in charge of player performance, training, and development. They work closely with each player to help them reach their full potential and improve their abilities. 
  • Head coaches represent the team in press conferences, public events, and interactions with the media. 
  • They might be negotiating contracts with employees and players.

Assistant Coach

  • Under the direction of the head coach, assistant coaches operate. They support various aspects of managing a team. 
  • Offensive, defensive, special teams, or position-specific coaching (e.g., quarterbacks, wide receivers, and linebackers) is often the area of specialization for each assistant coach.
  • The primary objective of assistant coaches is to boost the skills of players in their designated roles. 
  • Assistant coaches provide feedback on game plans, scout future opponents, and analyze opponents.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is the lowest-paid coach in the NFL?

Kevin Stefanski of the Cleveland Browns is the NFL’s lowest-paid head coach. It is reported that he makes $3.5 million a year.

2. Are NFL coaches millionaires?

NFL head coaches mostly make a lot of money; some make over $10 million a year. Based on their yearly income, this makes them millionaires.

3. Are NFL coach salaries guaranteed?

Yes, coaches in the NFL typically have guaranteed salaries for life.

4. Is being an NFL coach stressful?

Since the NFL is focused on results organization, coaches are under constant pressure to help their team win games and succeed. Losses can cause serious stress because they can attract criticism from ownership, the media, and fans.

5. What is the average age of NFL coaches?

Depending on the source and how it is calculated, the average age of NFL coaches currently ranges from 46 to 48 years old.

Pay scales for NFL position coaches differ. They are important for both talent development and team performance. Their pay depends on their level of experience, team resources, and expertise. 

While it is a demanding job with pressure to perform, these necessary coach salaries will adjust as the league does. They should be acknowledged and fairly compensated for helping players reach their maximum potential.

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