Deshaun Watson’s GF Jilly Anais called “Narcissistic much” by her former teammates

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Jilly Anais, the social media sensation and singer, recently found herself in the middle of a heated discussion after sharing a story on Instagram about her college days.

Jilly Anais with deshaun watson
Jilly Anais with Deshaun Watson

In a video where she was getting ready (you know, a GRWM video), she talked about a time when both her cheer squad and dance team had competitions scheduled at the same time.

According to Jilly, her involvement was so important that her cheer squad decided to move their competition from 4:00 PM to 4:00 AM to accommodate both events. She claimed that this change led to their victory, with a triumphant “because of mwah” at the end.

Yet, this story did not sit well with some of her followers and former teammates, who wasted no time questioning the truth behind her story. One person on Instagram wondered if Jilly might be a bit full of herself, describing the video as “cringe-worthy.”

A former member of the Dawson team made it clear that there was no competition time change because of Jilly Anais. Another follower raised a simple yet valid point; did she forget that real-life people who knew her were also following her on Instagram?

Jilly Annais faces online criticism

Despite facing criticism, Jilly Anais remains a staunch supporter of her boyfriend, Deshaun Watson. Even with Watson out for the season, Anais has consistently used her social media platform to defend and cheer him on. In one of her Instagram stories, she wrote, “That’s my quarterback. Respect HIM because he’s really like that.”

As the 2023 NFL season progresses and Deshaun Watson works on recovering, Jilly Anais’s amazing support is likely to continue well into the expected return in 2024.

It is not uncommon for celebrities to face online backlash, and Jilly Anais is no exception. The debate around her college sports story raises questions about the authenticity of social media narratives and the challenges of navigating fame in the digital age.

While Jilly may be facing some skepticism, it is clear that her commitment to defending her boyfriend remains a significant part of her online presence.

In a world where social media stories can quickly become headlines, this incident serves as a reminder that not everything shared online may be as it seems. The simplicity of the dispute a difference in recollection between Jilly Anais and her former teammates highlights the complexities of managing one’s public image, especially when the virtual and real worlds collide.

It will be interesting to watch how Jilly Anais responds to the criticism and whether she decides to provide more details or stick with her original story as the story progresses.

Whatever the result, this event highlights the potential and dangers of social media storytelling, where anyone can voice their opinion and each story can come under careful review.

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