Julia Roberts revealed she likes this superstar quarterback after watching Netflix

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The well-known actress Julia Roberts recently discussed how much she adores Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes after binge-watching the Netflix series “Quarterback.” In an interview with “The Jess Cagle Show” on SiriusXM, Julia expressed her opinions.

Julia Roberts
Julia Roberts

“I really like football, and this show made me see Patrick Mahomes in a whole new way. I respect him a lot now,” she said.

Mahomes‘s actions off the football field made Julia feel a connection with him. I think I understand you, Patrick Mahomes. I never stop learning new things, even when I’m not working on a movie. She clarified, “There’s always something else to figure out, get ready for, whatever it is.”

Although Julia supports the San Francisco 49ers, she accepted that she now has a soft spot for the Chiefs. “I still love the 49ers, but the Chiefs are right there too,” she stated. “Quarterback” is one of the documentaries Julia has been watching a lot lately. “I love documentaries, but this one, ‘Quarterback,’ it changed how I see things,” she stated.

Julia’s comments show that the show helps people see athletes like Mahomes as regular people with interests beyond the game. “Quarterback” not only talks about Mahomes playing football but also shows the good things he does outside of the game, like helping others.

Julia Roberts newfound respect

Julia Roberts is essentially stating that she has a great deal of respect for Patrick Mahomes because “Quarterback” helped her gain a fresh perspective on him. She enjoys his work ethic in all areas of his life, not just football.

She is a huge 49ers fan, but the show also made her like the Chiefs a little bit. Watching documentaries is something Julia enjoys doing, and “Quarterback” has become a favorite since it challenges her perspective.

In the end, Julia Roberts‘ statement shows how these programs are influencing viewers to view athletes as actual people with interests and feelings outside of sports. “Quarterback” teaches fans to value athletes like Patrick Mahomes for their good deeds off the field as well as their skill on the field.

Julia Roberts’ current comments regarding “Quarterback” suggest the growing popularity of sports documentaries. They provide fans with an opportunity to witness an alternative side of their beloved athletes and comprehend the immense dedication required to excel in sports. Julia Roberts believes that “Quarterback” is a must-watch for anyone who loves football and wants to learn more about the players because it is not just about football but also about the people who make up the game.

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