Keith Smith proved the NFL wrong, largest fine of 2023 season rescinded

Written by Rupam Kumar

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Keith Smith was fined nearly $90,000, now paying no money
Keith Smith
Keith Smith

The NFL is a big league; sometimes, a single step can cause big issues. Recently, the NFL took a big step, so Falcons fullback Keith Smith got a big sigh of relief.

In week 3 of the NFL season, Keith Smith received a $87,418 fine for a routine block on a kickoff against the Lions. Now he is paying nothing.

Keith told ESPN on Thursday that his $87,418 fine was voided after an appeal. He and his agent convinced the team in a meeting with the league that the technology he was using was being used throughout the league.

“It’s just like, a lot of the hits, especially at my position, not only just on kick return, but at fullback, because I’ve been fined multiple times for use of helmet,” Smith told ESPN. “Just carrying out routine blocks.

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“But they are just very subjective in that rule, use of helmet, is sometimes impossible because you can’t always control how a defender takes you on. So you can only use the technique that you’re taught continuously and sometimes that goes against the rule when you slow it down in slow motion.”

Smith said he emphasized that he never intended to use his helmet in the game. But from Knight’s perspective, it seemed that way.

Speaking to ESPN, Keith Smith said he has learned from the process as he is not interested in losing money. Also, he has been working on changing his technique over the past few seasons.

Let’s see how Keith Smith will play this Sunday when the Falcons will face the Cardinals.

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