Who is Kliff Kingsbury wife? Is he still dating model Veronica Bielik?

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In the football world, Kliff Kingsbury is an American football coach and former quarterback. He is widely known and apart from his career picks, his personal life has also grabbed the interest, especially Kliff Kingsbury wife (rumored) and details of Polish model Veronica Bielik.

Kliff has had the biggest knock on football throughout his career, from his outstanding college football career to his successful coaching positions.

Kliff Kingsbury Wife (rumored) Biography

NameVeronica Bielik
Date of BirthSeptember 18, 1993
Age31 (as of 2024)
BirthplacеLower Silesian Voivodeship, Poland
MotherMrs. Gallacher
FatherMr. Gallacher
Veronica Bielik BrothersKuba Bielik, Mikolaj Bielik
Veronica Bielik SistersOlivia Bielik, Zosia Bielik, Dominika Bielik
Alma mater Lazarski University
DegreeMaster of Laws
CareerLaw clerk, Fitness model
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Weight50 Kg
Achievement Co-founder of Spotlight Agency
Veronica Bielik Net Worth$13 million (Reports)
Social Media  Active

How did Kliff Kingsbury and Veronica Bielik meet?

How Veronica Bielik and Kliff Kingsbury met is a mystery. But according to news reports, they started dating in November 2021.

A close friend of the couple states that they have been living together, with Bielik visiting Poland occasionally before returning. Together, they have taken trips to Thailand and Croatia, among other locations.

Head coach Kliff Kingsbury and model Veronica Bielik
Head coach Kliff Kingsbury and model Veronica Bielik

Bielik, a fitness model, social media influencer, and businesswoman from Poland, has 3.4 million Instagram followers. Giving their fans a peek into their lives, Kliff and Veronica both regularly post photos of their travels and memorable occasions.

The age difference between Kliff Kingsbury and Veronica Bielik

Veronica Bielik’s age is 31 and she was born on 18 Sep. 1993, and Kliff Kingsbury’s age is 44, he was born on August 9, 1979. That means that Kliff Kingsbury and Veronica Bielik are 14 years gap in age.

Veronica Bielik’s Early Life

On September 18, 1993, Veronica Bielik was born in Lower Silesia, a stunning place in Poland. She is not only a model but also a successful businesswoman who has a passion for floral design.

She is the owner of “Agency Spotlight,” a company where she helps with influencer management.

This proves that Veronica is skilled not only in modeling but also in business and creative projects like floral design.

Veronica Bielik family

Veronica Bielik’s family consists of a total of 8 members including her. Veronica’s parents are Mr. & Mrs. Bielik.

She has 5 siblings out of these two brothers and three sisters. Veronica Bielik’s brothers are Kuba Bielik and Mikolaj Bielik. Her sisters’ names are, Olivia Bielik, Zosia Bielik, Dominika Bielik.


In terms of her education, widely searched Kliff Kingsbury wife Veronica Bielik is quite intelligent.

She mentioned on her Instagram page that she holds a master’s degree in law. She did not disclose the name of the university or college where she attended, though.

Veronica Bielik Ethnicity and Religion

Veronica Bielik is a different blend of cultures and religions, and she strongly follows Christianity. As a zodiac sign, Virgo has a reputation for her attention to detail and focus. Under her strong outside resides a heart created by various backgrounds and deep faith.

Model Veronica Bielik in black dress
Model Veronica Bielik in a black dress

Veronica Bielik nationality is Polish, even though she avoids talking about her personal life, it is interesting to consider how her rich cultural background and strong faith have shaped who she is and the decisions she has made in life.

Career and profession

Along with modeling, Texas tech Kliff Kingsbury wife (rumored), Veronica Bielik owns a website. Fans can subscribe to her website to receive exclusive content.

In addition, she is one of the founders of the organization Spotlight Agency, which helps various gifted people around the world.

Veronica becomes more than just a model. According to her Instagram profile Bio, she is a fashion enthusiast, traveler and has a degree of Master’s in Law. She is also the co-founder of Spotlight Agency (as mentioned in her Instagram bio) which is an INFLUENCER MANAGEMENT AGENCY. Its Instagram page name is agencyspotlight.

Veronica Bielik’s social media

Veronica is quite popular and has a large following of approximately 3.6 million Instagram users, which helped her to expand her modeling career. She regularly posts photos and videos on her Instagram.

She quickly came to importance as the face of major brands like Women’s Best, Monster Energy, and Fashion Nova because of her eye-catching photographs. She has also appeared in respected magazines like Vogue.

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Veronica Bielik Net Worth

Following 2.3 million people on social media, Veronica has received plenty of job offers. There are opportunities for brand advertising, photo shoots, as well as additional work.

It is expected that her sponsorship fees will average between $4,343.25 and $7,238.75.

kliff kingsbury wife
Model Veronica Bielik

As of January 2024, Kliff Kingsbury wife Veronica Bielik had an incredible net worth of $13 million. It is not known yet how much money she makes or how many cars and mansions she owns.

Kliff Kingsbury’s Past Relationships

After more than a year of dating, Kliff Kingsbury and Veronica Bielik were able to keep their relationship a secret until June 2022.

By sharing a picture of Kliff on Instagram, Veronica was the one who first made their romance public. The media and their followers jumped in when she revealed information about their trip to Croatia in the caption.

Kliff Kingsbury had been in relationships with a few other women before he met Veronica. Before they split in 2020, fashion model Renee Estella was simply connected to Kliff.

Since they wished to maintain the privacy of their personal lives, not much is known about their relationship.

Kliff was dating popular TV personality Holly Sonders before meeting Renee. Early in 2019, Holly, a former host on The Golf Channel, started dating Kliff.

When Holly wished Kliff on his appointment as the head coach of the Arizona Cardinals on Twitter, the relationship became widely known.

Holly currently dates former professional boxer Oscar De La Hoya, making it unclear when exactly they broke up.

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Some amazing facts about Veronica Bielik

  • She was raised in a loving home with her parents and siblings after being born in the Lower Silesian Voivodeship in Poland.
  • Bielik began her modeling career at a young age and has since collaborated with many different brands.
  • Her modeling and influencer work have contributed significantly to her net worth.
  • Fitness enthusiast Bielik has worked with companies like Pretty Little Things, Bang Energy, and Monster Energy.
  • She is one of Spotlight Agency’s co-founders.
  • Bielik has been living with her, only now and then taking short trips back to Poland.
  • Her pet dog breed is Shitzu.
  • Wine is her favorite drink.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who is Kliff Kingsbury wife?

Kliff Kingsbury is not married yet and has a girlfriend named Veronica Bielik.

Q. How old is Kliff Kingsbury wife?

Kliff Kingsbury girlfriend Veronica Bielik’s age is 31 as of 2024.

Q. Is Kliff Kingsbury married?

Kliff Kingsbury is not married but he is known to be in a relationship with model and entrepreneur Veronica Bielik.

Q. How much money does Kliff Kingsbury make?

As per reports, Kliff Kingsbury’s salary is $5.5 million.

Final Note

Kliff Kingsbury wife or girlfriend Veronica Bielik additionally brings attention to their relationship because they post pictures of their luxurious houses on social media.

With his wide achievements as a player and working as a coach, Kliff Kingsbury has had major success in the world of football.

Kliff Kingsbury is still making sound in the football world because of his skill, commitment, and having a supportive partner by his side.

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