Veteran Linebacker Bill Romanowski and Wife Sued For $15 Million

Former veteran linebacker Bill Romanowski and his wife Julie Legrand are reportedly facing a troubling tax situation.

Rockville native and 49ers drafted, Bill Romanowski, who played a total of five Super Bowls games and won four of them and also appeared in two Pro Bowls.

According to a lawsuit filed by U.S. Government, Bill Romanowski is sued for $15 million for allegedly using money from a nutrition company.

Bill Romanowski and his wife Julie Legrand

“In its 18-page complaint, the Department of Justice said Romanowski and his wife, Julie Romanowski, have not paid prior tax deficiencies dating back to the 1998 tax year, which they were originally ordered by two tax courts to pay in 2013,” the lawsuit suggests.

“The unpaid taxes, statutory penalties, and interest owed over eight years from 1998 to 2007 now total $15.33 million, the lawsuit brought by the U.S. alleges.”

The lawsuit was filed in a California federal court on Tuesday. The Department of Justice lawyers alleged that the couple failed to pay millions in income tax between 1998 to 2007. The lawsuit also suggests that Romanowski withdrew money directly from bank accounts registered on behalf of Nutrition53, a nutritional supplement company founded in 2006.

Bill Romanowski sued for $15 million

“By using N53 to pay their personal living expenses and those of their adult children, the Romanowskis have improperly used N53 to thwart the IRS’s collection of the individual income tax assessments at issue in this case,” the Department of Justice alleges in the lawsuit.

The lawsuit also claims that the couple improperly used company money to pay for various things like pet food, chiropractor appointments, plastic surgery appointments, day spa appointments, rent for their adult daughter, and groceries for their adult son, among a wide range of other expenses.

Boston College product, Bill Romanowski once admitted in 2005 for using steroids including human growth hormone during his NFL career.

However, Attorneys for the Romanowskis are not yet listed in court records.

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