Michelle Shazier got cheated on by her NFL husband, shared dirty screenshots

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Ryan and Michelle Shazier have been married since 2019
Ryan Shazier with his wife Michelle Shazier
Ryan Shazier with his wife Michelle Shazier

Trust is the key to a good relationship. It looks like former NFL and college football star Ryan Shazier broke the trust of her longtime wife Michelle Shazier.

Michelle accused her husband that he is cheating on her and shared the screenshots on social media. Ryan who hasn’t played since suffering a serious spinal cord injury in 2017 is accused of allegedly texting with another woman.

“A person that loves his family … this is what they do to their family … the WIFE.. that has been there for him since day 1!” she wrote on Instagram (now deleted).

“Infidelity at its finest!” Michelle continued. “I can’t sit here and keep hiding anymore. You can have it. I deserve better. 🤍 This is Ryan… he’s a liar and a cheater!”

As per TMZ reports, a text exchange shows the person Michelle claims is Ryan sending links to books about S*x.

As per TMZ, Ryan said “Michelle and I have been living apart and are currently separated. As we work through what comes next for our family, I ask for privacy and prayers.”

Ryan Shazier is a “liar and a cheater”, according to his wife Michelle Shazier.

Ryan and his wife Michelle, a former college basketball player have been married since 2019. Ryan stopped playing in the NFL in 2017 due to his serious injury and as per reports, his wife supported him on his hard times.

The couple also shares one kid together. Ryan also has a son from his previous relationship. He was drafted in the 2014 NFL draft as the 15th overall selection by the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Ryan Shazier received a lot of sympathy when he suffered a spinal cord injury that abruptly ended his promising NFL career. But this time he is getting the most hate.

He announced his retirement in 2020 after not playing for two seasons.

It is very sad when relationships reach this stage.

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