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Micheal Thomas sends a clear message to quarterback Derek Carr

New Orleans Saints star receiver Michael Thomas has appeared in only 10 games over the past three seasons, but he made it clear that he is coming back this season. There may be a chance that he could play with the new quarterback Derek Carr and he is very excited.

Last week, Derek Carr confirmed that he already had a great relationship with Michael Thomas and also said that Thomas was one of the reasons that he signed with the Saints.

Derek Carr, Saints quarterback

“Oh, he’s been amazing,” Thomas said according to Katherine Terrell of ESPN. “Amazing. I can’t wait to play with him and just be out there and execute and create something special with him, a connection, you know? Just like, the way he demands the huddle, the sense of urgency, just the way he handles himself, he’s a pro.

He added, “He’s great for these young guys to see, his demeanor. Just everything, just watching him, from when he gets in the building. Kind of how Drew [Brees] was, you could watch Drew … you could learn from him, the locker room you could learn from him.”

Michael Thomas practicing

“He’s just very disciplined. He’s on top of his stuff. He came here for a reason,” Thomas said. “That’s the same type of confidence I hear in his voice — he came here for a reason, he came here to win. You can feel the sense of urgency. He loves ball. It’s not hard working with him. … He tells me what to do, I tell him where I’m going to be, and we’re on the same page. We can execute at a high level.”

Thomas said he never doubted that he would be back, but the timing might have indicated otherwise. Thomas and the Saints would rework his deal again to ensure that he stayed in New Orleans just days after Carr’s deal became official.

Michael Thomas practicing

From Derek Carr’s perspective, Thomas was always charging several steps ahead of him. Thomas would call Carr and ask repeatedly if he’d made his decision about where he wanted to go, lamenting that time was being wasted where they could already be working.

However, both are fit for the team but it remains to see how they will perform in the upcoming season.

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