T.J. Watt survived a near-death moment, NFL world shocked

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T.J. Watt has a very serious allergy to tree nuts

Former legendary player and future Hall of Fame J.J. Watt recently revealed a very shocking moment of his brother T.J. Watt who is also a star NFL player currently playing as a linebacker for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Recently J.J. Watt appeared on The Pat McAfee Show and revealed a shocking story about his brother T.J. Watt, and how he survived a nearly death moment.

He said T.J. almost died during an allergic reaction during their vacation in Europe.

Recently the Watts brothers were vacationing in Italy and having dinner. T.J. Decided to order a pesto dish and had a reaction because he has a severe allergy to tree nuts.

“We were in Rome one time, my brothers and I, we did a little European vacation, just the three of us. And we’re idiots. We went to lunch, and TJ knows he has a severe tree nut allergy. And I do too but none of us were aware of the fact that pesto is made purely of tree nuts. So he ordered a massive pesto pasta dish, and literally stopped breathing at the table.”

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“And we had to get him to the Italian hospital. It was one of the scariest experiences of my entire life because they wouldn’t let me go back with him either. So they took him back there when he wasn’t breathing. And for about 45 minutes to an hour, Derek and I had no idea if he was going to make it.”

The great thing is that J.J. recognized the situation immediately and averting a tragic outcome, T.J. Watt was taken to the nearest hospital as soon as possible.

Thank god he was saved.

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