Will Levis finally got relief, selected by titans

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Will Levis traded in the day 2 of the Draft, finally got relief

No one would have thought that the most talked about player for the NFL draft would not even be picked. It is the most frustrating time for any player. When it is the most important time of your life and you don’t even get a call then it is the saddest part of life.

That was the time for Will Levis last night. Will Levis’ huge first-round slideout was the biggest story of the night.

But finally, his wait was over and he was selected by the Tennessee Titans with the 33rd overall pick. It will give him some relief but the difference between what you expect from what you get is disappointing.

Many experts and fans are perplexed as to how a player who was considered to be the No. 1 overall pick has overall fell so far.

There could be reasons that led to the selectors’ decline in interest but fans are perplexed and reacting a lot.

Whatever the case, Kentucky quarterback Will Levis didn’t have to wait long to come off the board and got selected by the Titans during the second day of the 2023 NFL Draft.

Will Levis
Will Levis

For this draft, the Titans traded up to the no. 33 so they can select Levis. To make this deal titans had to part ways with pick no. 41, pick no. 72 and a 2024 third-round pick.

Levis who was a two-year student at Kentucky completed 65.7 percent of his passes 5,232 yards with 43 touchdowns and 23 interceptions.

Will Levis will join the Titans squad as a quarterback which already has Ryan Tannehill and Malik Willis in the squad as quarterback. 

Levis could have a great opportunity as Ryan Tannehill is not viewed as a long-term picture for the Titans and Willis hasn’t shown much as a rookie.

Even the situation was not ideal for Levis but Titans is a great landing spot for him. Fans reacting and congratulating Levis while the NFL world is applauding the Titans for this pick. 

“Happy for Levis, last night must have been rough. He finds himself in a good situation to sit behind Tannehill for a year and learn/develop in the hopes of taking over,” one fan said.

“Really happy for Levis.” “Dude was a fantastic teammate at PSU and Kentucky and by all counts a fantastic person. Maybe overhyped as a prospect but last night had to have been heartbreaking so this has to be a huge relief for him,”  another fan wrote.

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