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Will Levis Girlfriend Celebrating big achievement

The Current NFL draft Will Levis has made a lot of lot o headlines lately. And Will Levis Girlfriend has also gained a lot of popularity after the NFL Draft 2023. 

She has become a more popular and famous social media influencer. There has been seen a sudden increase in her followers on her social media accounts after she was spotted sitting next to Levis during the NFL draft.

Her Instagram followers increased to 146k in just 3 or 4 days. She has been achieving a lot and it’s great to see that she is growing in her career. 

Recently, she has marked another achievement. Gia Duddy, Will Levis 21-year-old girlfriend graduated from Penn State University. 

She shared her special moment and big achievement with her fans. Gia celebrated her big day by sharing the news with 146k Instagram followers. 

will levis girlfriend gia duddy
will levis girlfriend

She posted a picture of a fireball and lip gloss and posed outside Beaver Stadium and a bouquet of flowers sent to her from Titans QB Will Lewis.

Will Levis has recently been drafted by the Titans in the NFL draft 2023. Both Levis and Gia celebrated the special moment with their family and shared the photos with fans. 

So it can be said that there is an achievement season going on in Levis Family.

Levis was drafted to the Titans as a quarterback, she graduated from her her college, Penn State University. They are living great moments in their current life. 

The initial moments of the NFL draft 2023 were a bad moment for Will Levis. As the NFL draft progressed and the Kentucky Wildcats QB remained undrafted, all eyes were on Duddy and her reaction to the disappointment. 

Levis was then eventually selected by Mike Vrabel and the Tennessee Titan at the beginning of the second round of the draft. This must be a very proud moment for him, his girlfriend and his whole family. 

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