NFL WAG Chronicles – Chanen Johnson Opens Up About the Emotional Toll of Injuries

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Being a WAG (Wife and Girlfriends) in the world of professional sports comes with its share of challenges, as TikTok star Chanen Johnson, married to New Orleans Saints player Juwan Johnson, recently revealed.

Chanen Johnson
Chanen Johnson with husband

In a heartfelt TikTok video posted after her husband suffered a severe injury in a recent game, Chanen expressed the emotional toll that comes with being closely connected to a professional football player.

Emotional struggles of an NFL wife

In the video captioned “the worst day ever,” Chanen started by sharing, “Sometimes I hate football.” She conveyed the intensity of her emotions by mentioning, “You literally can’t tell, but I’m literally still shaking.”

The video continued with Chanen expressing the harrowing experience of witnessing her husband on the field after a brutal injury. “It has been a wild 30 minutes. I think one of the worst experiences you can have as an NFL wife is literally watching your man laid down on the field. Oh my gosh, that literally just broke me. Tell me why my man is the one lying on the floor of the literal field, not getting up,” she shared.

Chanen, while still processing the shock, humorously mentioned, “This is what happens when you don’t go to away games,” highlighting the unpredictability and challenges that come with being a part of the football world.

She made her empathy to other WAGs who have gone through similar heart-wrenching moments. “Literally I sat there and I was like, wow, I would be fine if he retired tomorrow. I really hate this feeling so much,” Chanen concluded, offering a candid glimpse into the emotional struggles faced by spouses of NFL players when injuries occur.

Beyond the cheers

The video not only resonated with sports fans but also initiated discussions about the often-overlooked emotional aspect of being a WAG.

Chanen’s openness about the hardships of witnessing her husband’s injury brought attention to the human side of the game and the sacrifices made by the loved ones of athletes.

As the Saints and Juwan Johnson navigated the aftermath of the injury, the incident highlighted the profound impact that such moments can have on both the players and their families.

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