NFL world reacts to DeAndre Hopkins and Dalvin Cook’s 2023 news

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DeAndre Hopkins and Dalvin Cook could play on the same team.

After releasing from their teams this offseason, the veteran NFL stars DeAndre Hopkins and Delvin Cook find themselves as the league’s two biggest-name in free agency. There are many teams that show some interest in them but they could continue their deal with the previous teams in the 2023 season.

Recently appearing in a podcast show with Adam Schefter this week, Dalvin Cook speaks about the possibility of him and DeAndre Hopking joining up.

“If we end up on the same roster, that would be epic for the NFL,” Cook told Schefter.

During the podcasts, Dalvin Cook explained that he thinks Hopkins and he has the “same mindset”.

“I know his mindset, and I did play against D-Hop numerous amount of times,” Cook told Schefter. “When I have been with D-Hop, we did chill together, we have done been around each other like, and it’s like I kind of see the person that he is like, he wants to win and that’s what my mind at too.

Dalvin Cook Minnesota Vikings

“I want to go win. Like I said, the money going to come and that’s going to happen. But as far as lifting that [Vince Lombardi] Trophy up, he got the same mindset as me.”

It is big news that two veterans could play in the same team at the same time.

However, NFL fans have reacted to this news:

“Epic” for a team trying to win the 2019 Super Bowl maybe, a fan commented.

What team has 30 million available in cap space? , another fan commented.

No? Main reason no ones signed them is $$ more than likely. Unless cook takes a crazy paycut he wouldn’t get his epic story, another fan commented.

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