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A mascot says a lot about a team. They represent teams in very interesting ways. There’s nothing like an NFL mascot to help encourage a team and provide strength to play well in every season. Between hyping up the crowd and encouraging the players to play, an NFL mascot always keeps a stadium electric.

Here we will discuss How much NFL Mascots make per year, What skills you need to be a mascot, and much more let’s start with a little question what are Mascots?

Who are Mascots?

A mascot would be a person, animal, or object used as a symbol and believed to bring good luck. Mascots represent a group or an organization with a common public identity, such as a school, sports team, society military unit, and even in the NBA and NFL. In sports, Mascots are also used for marketing and for selling merchandise.

How much do NFL Mascots make per year

How to become a Mascot?

If you want to become a mascot or are quite interested in this field, the first thing you need to know is the educational qualification. According to reports, 54.7% of mascots have a bachelor’s degree.

In terms of higher education levels, around 2.3% of mascots have master’s degrees. Even though most mascots have a college degree, for qualifying in the mascot job, you just need a high school degree.  

What skill do you need to be a mascot?

Almost everybody in this world can be a mascot, even with no formal education. To become a mascot you just need to be physically fit and able to wear costumes for a long period.

Mascots do not need to give interviews or show charts, they just need to express the identity and personality of the brand or sports team through movements and sometimes through dance or stunts. 

How much do NFL Mascots make per year
How much do NFL Mascots make per year

How much do NFL Mascots make per year?

Normally Mascots can make $25,000 per year, but when it comes to sports like NFL, NBA, and MLB, we see a very big difference in their earning capacity.

According to a report published this year, a professional mascot of any sports team can earn $60,000 or even more. As for NFL mascots, they earn more than $60,000 per year. For example, the Dallas Cowboys’ Rowdy earns $65,000 per year.

Who is the highest-paid NFL Mascot?

NFL Mascots make enough money every season. Unlike college mascots, NFL mascots can earn $60,000 per year or even more. However, only a few professional mascots can earn more than $60,000 per year, if they have signed huge or worthy contracts with their belonging teams.

The Dallas Cowboys “Rowdy” earns $65,000 per year, which makes him the highest-paid mascot in the NFL franchise. He is also very popular among the fans. New England Patriots Pat Patriot is the second highest-paid mascot in the NFL earning the same amount as Rowdy. They both charged an hourly rate of $50.

Who is Rowdy in the NFL?

Rowdy is the official mascot of the Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League. Rowdy was originally developed by NFL Properties in the early 1990s as a football player character named “BIG D“.

But he has been the Dallas Cowboys’ official mascot since 1996. Rowdy wears a Dallas Cowboys football uniform combined with an oversized Cowboy hat, chaps, and cowboy boots. Rowdy’s jersey number is 00 ( pronounced as “double zero” ).

How much do NFL Mascots make per year

Who is the highest-paid Mascot ever?

Some professional mascots earn six figures or more in just one season. One of the highest-paid mascots of all sports is ‘Rocky’ of the Denver Nuggets in the NBA. Rocky earns $625,000 per year. He was also inducted into the Mascot Hall of Fame in 2016.

Who is the most famous NFL Mascot?

No matter how ridiculous some mascots may be, every fan has a favorite mascot, who they fully support and love to see during the match. As per rating, the most famous NFL mascot in the league is Rampage of the Los Angeles Rams.

Rampage received a rating of 3.88 out of 5, making him the most lovable of the other 29 mascots.

How much do NFL Mascots make per year

NFL fans also like the Philadelphia Eagles’ Swoop very much. He received a rating of 3.83 out of 5.

Which NFL teams have no Mascots?

Many teams don’t have a mascot or even cheerleaders. Out of 32 teams in the NFL, five teams do not have mascots: Green Bay Packers, Las Vegas Raiders, New York Giants, New York Jets, and Washington Commanders.

There are no strict rules for the teams to have mascots, it completely depends on the team. If any teams want mascots to identify their franchise they can have them.

Who is the lowest-paid NFL mascot?

There isn’t a single lowest-paid NFL mascot, a handful, like “Blitz” of the Seattle Seahawks and “Sir Purr” of the Carolina Panthers, earn no more than $50,000 per season.

Who is the worst NFL Mascot?

If we talk about the worst mascot of the NFL franchise, K.C. Wolf of the Kansas City Chiefs name comes first. He is the worst mascot with a very low rating of 2.20 out of 5. According to NFL fans, K.C. Wolf looks more foolish than a Werewolf.

Top 10 most lovable NFL mascots per rating:

#1Los Angeles RamsRampage3.88
#2Philadelphia EaglesSwoop3.83
#3Seattle SeahawksBlitz3.78
#4Cincinnati BengalsWho Dey3.77
#5Arizona CardinalsBig Red3.76
#6Cleveland BrownsChomps3.59
#7Minnesota VikingsViktor3.44
#8Pittsburgh SteelersSteely McBeam3.39
#9Detroit LionsRoary3.32
#10New Orleans SaintsSir Saint3.29
How much do NFL Mascots make per year

Top 5 Worst NFL mascots per rating:

K.C. WolfKansas City Chiefs2.20
GumboNew Orleans Saints2.25
Bolt ManLos Angeles Chargers2.25
T-RACTennessee Titans2.27
BlueIndianapolis Colts2.49
How much do NFL Mascots make per year

How much do NFL Mascots make per year, detailed video

How much do NFL Mascots make per year video details

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FAQs related to NFL mascot salary :

Q. How much do nfl mascots make per year?

Ans – A mascot can earn around $60,000 per season.

Q. Do college mascots get paid?

Ans – No, college mascots do not get paid.

Q. How many NFL teams have a mascot?

Ans – In the NFL franchise 27 teams have their mascots.

Q. How many NFL teams have no mascot?

Ans – Out of 32 teams, five teams do not have mascots.

Q. Who is the second worst NFL mascot?

Ans – Gumbo is the second-worst mascot of the New Orleans Saints with a rating of 2.25 out of 5.

Q. Who is the most sued Mascot?

Ans – The most sued mascot is Phillie Phanatic of the Philadelphia Phillies.

Q. Who is the second most famous NFL Mascot?

Ans – The second-most famous NFL mascot is Swoop of the Philadelphia Eagles with a rating of 3.83 out of 5.

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