Joe Burrow refused to meet his parents after huge contract signing

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Joe Burrow’s parents live in Ohio state
Joe Burrow refused to meet his parents after contract extension
Joe Burrow refused to meet his parents after contract extension

The Cincinnati Bengals star quarterback Joe Burrow landed on the biggest contract extension deal in NFL history. He signed a five-year $275 million contract extension with the Bengals on Thursday.

His contract became the richest contract in NFL history. His $275 million contract includes $219 million guaranteed money.

After his contract extension became successful, Joe Burrow’s parents who live in Ohio wanted to see their son. They wanted to enjoy together for this beautiful moment together.

Joe Burrows’ parents Jimmy and Robin Burrow wanted to meet him even just for a few minutes after he signed his contract, But Burrow refused to meet them.

The exact reason behind the denial of meeting his parents is not revealed but it said that he is fully dedicated to his game. He is completely focused on week 1.

The Bengals are going to face the Browns on September 10.

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As per The Athletic reports,

"There's no celebration or even a family dinner planned to appreciate this historic moment for the Burrows."
"Joe is only focused on the Browns," his father said. "That's just how he is. Even this past week we were in Cincinnati and we wanted to stop by his house to see him for a few minutes. He told us 'no.'"
"He explained to his parents, who have a scheduled call with him once a week, that he was watching film and didn't have time to step away."
"That's just Joe," his father said. "It's like that all the time. Even for home games, we stay at his house but we aren't allowed to come over until he leaves for the hotel. We don't see him until after games. He's super focused."

Maybe the level of dedication for the Week 1 opener against the Browns inspired him not to let himself get distracted.

Let’s see what happens in the game.

3 thoughts on “Joe Burrow refused to meet his parents after huge contract signing”

  1. You never get too big or famous that allows you to push away your parents. He needs them and they need him. He should not have refused meeting with them.

  2. To me it’s so sad I can’t describe how it makes me feel. My parents and myself have followed the Bengals all our lives but now while he’s quarterback I could care less about them. Sad. Joe won’t have any luck now


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