What Joe Burrow Said about Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour

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Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow shares his thought on popstar Taylor Swift.

Unlike Aaron Rodgers and J.J. Watt, who is the most popular “Swiftie” in the NFL world. But Joe Burrow is not one of them. Even though he has huge respect for Swift but her music isn’t at the top of his playlist.

In a few weeks, the “Eras Tour” will be headed to Cincinnati and the Bengals quarterback Burrow was asked whether he was going to join the upcoming Taylor Swift’s concerts in Cincinnati.

“I have a lot of respect for what Taylor Swift has done with her career,” said Burrow. “I can’t say that I’m listening to too much Taylor Swift on the speakers in the headphones. I know a lot of people that are, but that’s just not me. I’ve heard the tour is a lot of fun, though. Maybe I’ll stop by.”

Taylor Swift’s Era’s Tour is one of the biggest tours in the world, fans are going crazy to see her on the stage. They are screaming, enjoying the show. But Borrow got no chill he just said, “Maybe I’ll stop by.”

Bengals Quarterback Joe Burrow

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Burrow then explains his musical interest after casually mentioning that he might grace Swift with his presence.

He added that he has quite an interest in every music genre outside of the country.

“I’m kind of all over the place. I’ll listen to some indie, I’ll listen to some hip hop, some pop. I’ll listen to just about anything but country. I’m not a country guy.”

NFL fans have plenty to say about it.

No one is perfect. But a late stage swiftie is better than a non swiftie, a fan said.

Another fan said, Translation: “I’m definitely going to the Taylor Swift concert per request from Olivia…”

WR believes his QB is the best. Other fanbases “I can’t believe it” “this is motivation” “our QB better not see it!” it’s wild lol, another fan replied.

What do you think of Joe Burrow? Is he will go to attend the upcoming show in Cincinnati? Let us know in the comment section below.

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