Patrick Mahomes revealed the three name he dreads facing

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All Patrick Mahomes rivalries represent the same team

The NFL’s star quarterback Patrick Mahomes who led his team Kansas City Chiefs twice to the super bowl and won it, who has created many histories and has broken a lot of records, also has fear. 

He is one who players are afraid to face. He has done many impossible things on the field and is currently the most dangerous player in the NFL.

But recently Mahomes revealed that there are some names in the nfl world who made him bite the dust more than once when he faced them.

Just like Tom Brady, Patrick Mahomes has also a number of players who he is afraid of or avoids facing. He said that there are some players who gave him a tough time inside the field.

In 2021, Los Angeles Rams had all the players who made feel Kansas City Chiefs QB that he wasn’t facing them at some point in their career.

Patrick Mahomes
Patrick Mahomes source/Instagram

Recently, Patrick Mahomes was asked to name the three players(if any) who have made him suffer inside the field. Fans might think there will no list in Mahomes’ head as he is the most dangerous and top player currently in the NFL. But Contrary to this, the two-time super bowl winner answered the question and named them.

It didn’t take long for Patrick to list the name but it was shocking how quickly he mentions the first name. but he also gave respect to the other two names because they also gave him tough competition and hurt him during the games. 

One of the players on the patrick mahomes list is already semi-retired and the other two will probably meet Mahomes during the upcoming season.  

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Complex Sports asked Mahomes about the three defensive players who have been the toughest he’s ever had to face, he immediately responded: “In my career? Aaron Donald is one. That’s out of the gate. Jalen Ramsey, especially the last few years, has always been a dog, and Von Miller, I’m glad he’s not in my division anymore.”

Aaron Donald is the name that is a nightmare for Patrick Mahomes. Patrick have a bad record with Donald when he first faced Donald in 2018. The result was a historic win for the Rams 54-51.

Patrick was sacked three times that day, despite throwing 478 yards and six touchdowns.

The two of the sack were from Aaron Donald and were completely unplayable during the entire game. Von Miller has also the best stat against Mahomes. And Patrick will face Jalen Ramsey in Germany during the NFL’s Week 9

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