Tom Brady meets with star young quarterbacks

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Tom Brady in a new role of his life after retiring

Tom Brady, one of the most talented and experienced players of the NFL now sharing his talent and experience through advice. A player like Tom Brady can change a lot of life as he has done for himself. 

A player who has played matches for 23 years must have seen many ups and downs in his playing life and must have experienced a lot. Getting advice from this kind of player is a dream for a lot.  

Tom Brady’s playing career is an inspiration to many players and especially to freshmen. The seven-time Super Bowl champion is familiar with everything from scratch to the next level in football. Criticism, injuries, fame, falls, lows of injury, and everything. He can be the best advisor of the NFL. 

Brady finally retired this year and ended his 23 years of legacy. But he is still connected to the game and plans to become an analyst for Fox soon. This week Brady sat down with the next generation of quarterbacks, the top NFL quarterbacks for the 2023 NFL Draft. Brady shares some of his experience and knowledge with a meeting of the NFL’s top quarterbacks and informs them of what is to come. 

Quarterbacks Bryce Young, Will Levis, C.J. Stroud and Anthony Richardson were in the meeting with Tom Brady. The meeting was held in Los Angeles, the site of NFLPA rookie events, at the home of Fanatics CEO Michael Rubin. In the meeting along with Brady, star rapper Travis Scott was also present. 

Tom Brady with next-generation top quarterbacks
Tom Brady with next-generation top quarterbacks

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the meeting with Brady, rapper Travis Scott and CEO Michael Rubin was about “discuss entrepreneurship and brand building.”

Brady gave them a lot of good advice. He told them to be humble, work hard, and be disciplined. Hard work is the ultimate key and by being disciplined anyone can achieve it. 

Will Levis who slipped out of the first round, received a lot of important suggestions from the legend. 

 Brady is a legendary quarterback and if anyone follows his advice and strategies, he will be in great shape over the next several years.

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Tom Brady shared a lot of photos of his meeting with young quarterbacks and captioned it with sweet and beautiful lines.

Such a special day being able to speak with and learn from four young professional qbs. @bryceyoung @cj7stroud @anthonyrichardson @will_levis. I appreciate the invitation @michaelrubin and I think I had more fun than everyone there. 🤣🤣🤣One of my idols , @steveyoung encouraged me always to “pay it forward”. Now that I’ve come to the end of my 23-year journey I am so excited to watch and help the next group reach their potential as athletes, as teammates, and men working to bring the best out of themselves and the communities they represent. We got to spend many hours, talking, learning, and discussing what it takes to be your best. In my opinion, hard work, and consistent discipline are two critical ingredients to that formula. I loved listening to and learning from @travisscott about his amazing journey as well, and couldn’t be more amazed by his incredible accomplishments, as a musician, entrepreneur, creative visionary, and artist in every sense of the word (not to mention a great guy.) Although my trip to Los Angeles was very quick, I look forward to the next time I see these guys take the field, using their amazing gifts as athletes to entertain us all and inspire us to keep going , and be our best for our families and our communities! Thanks again fellas! Until the next time ✌🏼.

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