Why Patrick Mahomes thanked twitter CEO Elon Musk?

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Patrick Mahomes shocking statement regarding Twitter’s blue tick

Elon Musk shocked everyone after the Twitter verification announcement. Big celebrities, sportsperson and many public figures have loosed their blue tick on Twitter.

The issue of Twitter verification has been a very hot topic for everyone for the past several days. Twitter legacy verification was removed this week.

This means that till now those who used to have blue ticks on Twitter, will not be there now, whoever they are. For any big celebrity or public figure, everyone’s blue check mark has been removed from Twitter. Many big people reacted to this matter and many even made jokes.

But NFL’s popular player Patrick Mahomes has thanked Twitter CEO Elon Musk.

The reason behind making a big change on Twitter is being told that whoever wants to verify their Twitter account will have to pay $8 a month. Under this, they will also get many extra features, such as blue tick, etc.

Popular NFL player Patrick Mahomes is grateful to Twitter CEO Elon Musk because Twitter has accepted his request.

Patrick Mahomes
Patrick Mahomes

After Patrick Mahomes’ blue checkmark get removed from Twitter, he tweeted directly to the company’s CEO, Elon Musk, requesting to return the blue check to his profile.

After two days, the blue tick appears again on his Twitter account. Patrick Mahomes thanks Elon Musk for this.

“Appreciate it,” the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback said in a tweet. 

NBA’s famous player LeBron James also reacted to this Twitter campaign. He tweeted last week that he has no problem with the removal of the blue check as he was unwilling to pay for the Twitter subscription for a blue tick every month.

After many people’s blue tick was removed, it was seen that LeBron James’ account is intact.

It was eventually revealed that Elon Musk has paid certain users to retain the Blue Check. It is not confirmed whether Elon Musk has paid for Patrick Mahomes or not but his blue tick is back.  

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Top Points covered :

  • Twitter has removed blue checkmarks for verified accounts and introduced a paid subscription service for verification and extra features.
  • Patrick Mahomes, an NFL player, thanked Elon Musk after his blue checkmark was restored on Twitter.
  • Mahomes had requested Elon Musk to return the blue checkmark to his profile after it was removed.
  • LeBron James, an NBA player, stated that he was unwilling to pay for the Twitter subscription for a blue tick every month and had no problem with the removal of the blue checkmark.
  • Elon Musk has paid certain users to retain their blue checkmarks, but it is not confirmed whether he paid for Patrick Mahomes or not.

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