Gisele Bundchen is jealous of Brady’s new relationship

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Gisele Bündchen is “not happy at all”

Legendary quarterback Tom Brady is now no more single and spotted to be dating a famous model. Brady has been single since last year after his divorce from his ex-wife Gisele Bundchen. Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady were married for 13 years and finalized their divorce last year in October. 

Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady
Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady

Gisele and Brady share two children together, son Benjamin Rein, 13, and daughter Vivian Lake, 10. Brady also shares a son Jack, 15, from his previous relationship with actress Bridget Mohanyan.

It seems like Brady has moved on from Gisele Bundchen and found his new love.  Brady has been linked with several models and celebrities in the past time.

Tom Brady and Kim Kardashian dating rumors were one of the top trends on social media for many days. Michael Rubin’s 4th of July party added fuel to the rumor. But it seems all of them were false. 

As per TMZ Sports, Brady is dating a hot, gorgeous, and sexy Sports Illustrated swimsuit model. Brady has reportedly been spotted spending the night with Irina Shayk. TMZ Sports reported the details of the things. 

Tom Brady’s ex-wife Gisele Bundchen is reportedly not ok with things. The news of Brady dating the 37-year-old model didn’t go well with Gisele. TMZ Sports said that Gisele is “not happy at all.”

“The sources say Gisele Bundchen is ‘not happy at all’ about the news Tom is dating Irina. The news Tom Brady dating Irina Shayk comes just after Gisele’s 43rd birthday.  

TMZ Sports previously reported, “Paps caught TB12 and Irina apparently cozying up in L.A. over the course of 2 days — which all started on Friday, when we’re told he first picked her up at Hotel Bel-Air in the afternoon … only to drive her over to his crib. Our sources tell us Tom and Irina walked into his pad — all smiles– and that she didn’t leave his place until the following morning … at about 9:30.” 

As per TMZ Sports, “Tom dropped Irina off at the hotel, only to pick her back up later that same afternoon. It was here they were photographed and filmed having a sweet interaction in his car.”

Tom Brady dating a model
Tom Brady dating a model

“They were stopped at a light … and, clear as day, Tom is seen stroking Irina’s cheek — very tenderly, we might add. She’s leaned over in her seat with a huge smile … and Tom is also flashing a big grin. They even seem to be laughing together,” TMZ Sports further said. 

Tom Brady and Irina Shayk are single and have been separated from their previous relationships. Irina Shayk has dated many big celebrities in the past. She has reportedly dated Kanye West, Christiano Ronaldo and Bradley Cooper. 

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Tom Brady is also retired from NFL and has been seen spending most of his time with kids. After retirement, he will try to explore many things and will have a lot of free time. So, it is possible he may be looking for a new partner. 

Tom Brady is currently doing nothing related to NFL and will be joining Fox’s No. 1 NFL broadcast team in 2024. He has signed a mega deal with Fox Sports. 

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