Super Bowl champion Jonathan Jones doesn’t know NFL gambling rules

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Jonathan Jones blasts NFL gambling policy rules

NFL gambling policy is the current hot topic in the NFL world. Everyone is discussing it. The New England Patriots star cornerback Jonathan Jones has shown his frustration towards the NFL gambling policy. 

Recently several players have been suspended by teams for violating the policy. The rules have affected multiple teams in the league. The strategy has been affected, game plans have been affected. 

The NFL recently handed out serious penalties to some players. The NFL suspended three players for the 2023 season for gambling on NFL games and one player for six games for betting on non-NFL events, even though it was at his team’s facility.

NFL seems taking strict action against gambling. The NFL believes that allowing its players to gamble is a disgrace to the sport. It can be used to undermine the integrity of the game. 

Jonathan Jones
Jonathan Jones (Source- CBS Sports)

For this reason, betting on the NFL by NFL players is strictly prohibited.

Players are angry and resent the policies, as well as how they are being told by the NFL. They feel they have been treated unfairly. 

Some players who have been disciplined by the policies say they were not legitimately aware of what they were allowed to do. They said they were clueless. 

Quarterback Jonathan Jones disagrees with NFL’s stance on sports gambling. 

“I understand rules are rules,” Jones tweeted, “but I can risk my life so that my team wins but I can’t risk 1k on my team winning.”

Jonathan Jones is furious that players put their bodies on the line every week, risking their lives to play sports, but are not allowed to bet on their own sports.

Players can bet on other sports but they are not allowed to do it within NFL facilities. 

“Mr Jones the reason for that is because it ruins the integrity of the game Whose to say players don’t start betting on their team to lose and purposefully throwing the games to win bets,” one fan said.

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To which Jonathan Jones replied, “You could limit bets to be only for your team’s benefits.”

One fan tweeted, players are free to bet on other sports if they really want to bet. Jones replied, “I don’t bet on sports the [return on investment] isn’t that great. I’m only arguing logic.”

Let’s see if the NFL responds to Jonathan Jones’ tweet.

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