What is Bill Belichick without Tom Brady? Why now failing? Colin Cowherd Blasts

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Bill Belichick and Tom Brady were together for 20 seasons

Tom Brady and Bill Belichick’s combination is the greatest duo in NFL history. What they have done together is unimaginable and unbreakable. Belichick is the head coach for New England Patriots.

Belichick completed his 48th season as NFL coach in 2022 and completed his 23rd season in New England Patriots as head coach. He is considered to be the greatest coach ever in the NFL. He is the only head coach in NFL history to win six super bowl titles.

Legendary quarterback Tom Brady was with Belichick during his whole season with the Patriots. They made great records together. Brady played 23 seasons in NFL and 20 of them were with New England Patriots. During his whole 20 seasons, Bill was the head coach. 

The duo won six super bowl titles together which is one of the greatest records ever in the NFL. That’s why Brady was named the GOAT of the NFL.

Later Brady moved to Tampa Bay Buccaneers, where he played for 3 seasons. Brady again created a record by taking the Buccaneers to the Super Bowl and winning it in his first season with them.

Tom Brady
Tom Brady (Source- The Spun)

After Tom left the Patriots, the glimpses we are getting of the Patriots are not good. Now here the real debates start.

Many fans think that Belichick’s coaching made Brady a star quarterback, while others say that Brady’s talent made Belichick’s coaching look far better than it was.

Fox Sports’ Colin Cowherd digs a little deeper and puts questions on Belichick’s coaching ability. He asked what is he without Brady?

“There’s a lot of worship for Bill Belichick, but then we got new information. Brady left, and they’re not very good. what really is he without Tom Brady, he doesn’t get along with his quarterback. He just made a defensive coordinator, an offensive coordinator a silly move that’s tone-deaf to offense,” Cowherd said.

“What is he without Tom Brady? And it’s really funny. I don’t think most people really talk about it. Belichick’s career is absolutely inarguably tied to one player, Brady. Otherwise 10 years, one playoff win, seven losing seasons… Bill’s never really won without Tom Brady, didn’t win in Cleveland with all the quarterbacks, didn’t win pre-Brady didn’t win post-Brady,” he further said. 

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Belichick’s coaching record while coaching in Cleveland was 36–44 and one playoff win. With the Patriots, he was 5-11 ahead of Brady. Now again when Brady has retired, his record has become 25-25.

This record forces many fans to think that Brady’s talent made him a good coach but still, it’s an opinion. 

It is hard to replace a player like Brady, but it shouldn’t affect the whole team. 

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