Lamar Jackson Enters the New Season With a New Look | NFL News 2023

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Lamar Jackson, the Baltimore Ravens quarterback got a contract extension after a long wait.

New season, new contract, Baltimore quarterback Lamar Jackson enters the NFL with an amazing new look. After a long negotiation, the Ravens finally gave him a huge contract extension.

As per the news, On Thursday, the Ravens posted an image of Lamar Jackson signing his contract extension. Quarterback Jackson, agreed to a five-year, $260 million contract with team Baltimore last week. He officially signed his new “mega” deal this Thursday.

Ravens’ life Jackson was captured in a different look while signing his huge ‘mega contract’ extension with the team and fans got shocked by his new hairstyle and barely recognized him.

Jackson looks quite different from his previous NFL seasons When he agreed to his huge mega-contract extraction. Here is a video from him announcing he had accepted the new deal from the Ravens last Thursday.

Jackson’s new look was very impressive and looks like it’s definitely done by professionals. After seeing his new look fans were very impressed while some critics took the opportunity to make fun of him.

A few fans said that they loved his new look while others joked saying he look so funny.

“This is the most beautiful picture I’ve ever seen,” Mike tweeted.

A fan compared him with the cartoon character ‘Libby’ from Jimmy Neutron.

It suits you when are a former MVP player and a two-time Pro Bowler at the age of 25, you have the right to do whatever you wanted to do with your own style.

After the Mega contract extension, quarterback Lamar Jackson is now the highest-paid player in NFL history.

Hope, with a new deal and a new look, Jackson will lead the Ravens to the AFC North championship.

We will see if his new hairstyle gives him the same strength as the previous seasons.

Will Lamar Jackson win the MVP award again in the upcoming season?

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