Trey Lance’s trade cost Will Grier’s career, was seen crying

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Trey Lance has been added to the quarterback room but Grier had the worst of days
Trey Lance trade to Dallas Cowboys has cost Will Grier career
Trey Lance trade to the Dallas Cowboys has cost Will Grier’s career

Dallas Cowboys made headlines after adding a big player to the squad on Friday. Their quarterback room has been filled with an extra talent.

Cowboys added quarterback Trey Lance, former No.3 pick from the San Francisco 49ers. But the Cowboys need to release one player so as to fit in the other.

Dallas already had star quarterbacks like Dak Prescott and Cooper Rush and added Trey Lance to ensure a Super Bowl title.

According to David Moore of the Dallas Morning News, the Cowboys would release Grier after their preseason finale against the Raiders.

Initially, it was not decided how Trey Lance would fit in as they already had three big names as quarterbacks.

NFL analyst Dov Kleiman tweeted, ” Report: The #Cowboys will release former #Panthers QB Will Grier following the Trey Lance trade, per

The team told Grier they’re releasing him next week but first will allow him to start the #Raiders game tonight so he can showcase his ability to the other 31 NFL teams.

Grier will play every single snap. Very nice gesture from the Cowboys.”

Also, the Cowboys have given Will Grier a last chance to play in their final game of preseason against the Las Vegas Raiders. They are doing this so that Grier can prove himself and showcase his skills to other teams.

Last week, Will Grier completed 13 of 18 pass attempts for 136 yards with one interception against the Seahawks. In the preseason opener, he had 199 passing yards, two touchdowns, and one interception.

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Will Grier is the third-round pick of the 2019 NFL Draft. He was drafted by the Carolina Panthers, where he began his career. He struggled a lot in his initial days.

Hoping for the best for Grier and wishing that his next landing turns out to be perfect for him.

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