NFL Fans Reacted to C.J. Stroud’s Shocking Draft News | NFL News 2023

It appears that C.J. Stroud is not to be selected in the Top 7 picks.

A few months ago, Ohio State Buckeyes quarterback C.J. Stroud was widely considered the favorite to be the Carolina Panthers’ No. 1 overall pick. Stroud’s draft stock has taken a hit in recent weeks because of a lot of bad news.

According to a report, C.J. Stroud was considered difficult to train, and his cognitive test scores raised concerns. These negative reports have led some to question whether he should still be selected in the top seven rounds. This turn of events is surprising considering Stroud’s past status as a top prospect.

A few weeks ago, NFL experts considered C.J. Stroud as the favorite to be the top pick in the draft. However, his stock has fallen due to his recent performances in games and his inability to work with the team’s coaches. Additionally, his cognitive test results raised concerns about his mental toughness, an important attribute for any NFL quarterback.

It’s not just the negative reports pulling Stroud’s draft stock. Other quarterbacks like Will Lewis are performing well and impressing NFL scouts, causing them to move up draft boards. Once an afterthought in many draft rooms, Lewis is now projected to be the fourth overall pick.

Also, the recent success of smaller quarterbacks like Alabama’s Bryce Young, who is now projected to go first overall, although he is a skilled quarterback all of these factors have contributed to the decline in Stroud’s stock in recent weeks, which could have significant financial implications for him. If he falls outside the top seven picks, he could lose a lucrative rookie contract and potentially millions of dollars.

NFL World reacted to C.J. Stroud draft news

The NFL Draft is an important event for all players, but especially for top prospects like Stroud. It can make or break an athlete’s career and determine their financial future. That’s why it’s essential to make a good impression on scouts leading up to the draft.

It remains to be seen how Stroud’s draft stock will ultimately be affected. NFL teams are always looking for talented quarterbacks, and Stroud has the skills and talent to be a star in the NFL. But his recent struggles on the field and negative reports about his personality and cognitive test scores have raised many concerns for the team.

However, recent negative reports about C.J. Stroud’s personality and cognitive test scores have down his draft stock significantly. He was once considered the favorite to be the top pick in the 2023 NFL Draft, but it is now unclear if he will even be selected in the top seven or not.

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