NFL World reacted to DeAndre Hopkins Patriots trade news

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The New England Patriots want to take the Sweepstakes of DeAndre Hopkins.

On Thursday, the Pro Bowl wide receiver, DeAndre Hopkins visited Gillette Stadium and the Patriots at Foxborough. It was part of a few scheduled visits the free-agent wide receiver has set up on the heels of his release from the Arizona Cardinals. It sounds like things went pretty well, and according to jeff howe of the Athletic, the team is making a move for him.

DeAndre Hopkins, free agent

“The Patriots are making a push for Hopkins,” Howe wrote. “He has departed Gillette Stadium, but is still local.”

ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler added, “DeAndre Hopkins and the Patriots have finished a Thursday visit that started early in the morning and went well into the afternoon, per sources. Definitely intrigue from player and team coming out of it. Whether that results in a deal now or in future remains unclear.”

The NFL World reacted to the news:

Mr. Snow replied, The answer is no. Not now. Way better teams to potentially be on if the money isn’t dirt cheap. We know Bellichoad is willing to overpay. But why take the overpay on a bad team now when you could get good pay on a good team.

Jack Marcus said, So the deal is either going to happen “now” or “in future”… just remains unclear when.

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